Criminal Rights: The New Human Rights

I like the new concept of Human Rights. Its called criminal rights. I can now do whatever I want and escape punishment on humanitarian grounds.

I can indiscriminately open fire at India's largest railway station, kill hundreds of people, wage a bloody war and terrorize a city of crore-plus population; and yet nobody can give me speedy punishment in spite of ample proof. Humanitarian grounds. I am more of a human being than all those dead. Criminal rights you see.

I can abuse children in every way possible – emotionally, financially, physically, sexually. I know Govt's will never strengthen the law to deter me from doing so. My humanity quotient is more than that of all those children put together. Criminal rights you see.

I can set up a chemical factory in a state capital, commit heinous ignorance that results in gas leaks, kill or permanently maim tens of thousands of people; and simply exit the country casually. Even a quarter century later no-one in the judicial circles is going to give a damn. I have more “human rights” than tens of thousands of victims put together. Criminal rights you see.

Thank you “Humanitarian Grounds”. Thank you “Criminal Rights”. What would I ever do without you?

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