Abble iStink

Abble Computers today announced the release of its latest earth-shattering, life-changing product – the iStink. The iStink is the latest gadget from this company which has been a pioneer in the space of mouth-watering products. This follows the release of the hugely successful iFad last year, and the run-away successes, the iDrone and the iSod the year before that.

Showcasing the product in a press conference, Abble founder and CEO, Jeev Snobs, said that the iStink experience will seamlessly integrate with that of previous Abble products. For example, users can purchase “craps” for the iStink from the Abble CrappStore. The iStink is powered by Abble's flagship, critically acclaimed OS – the iOhShit. Snobs said that iStink will feature version 6.1 of the legendary OS, and that it has been fine-tuned specifically for this product.

How the iStink is received by consumers remains to be seen, but it is widely expected to emulate the stupendous success of its predecessors. Watch this space for further updates on this, and other products from Abble.

55er: Full Circle

As a student:
Neighbourhood stand-and-eat self-services (Darshinis et. al.)

As an intern:
Upgradation to A/C halls of the Sagars

Early days of employment:
Graduation to CCDs and restaurants serving impressive sounding cuisines

That's when reality dawns; The concept of "savings" beginning to make a non-negligible impression.

Soon, back it is to the neighbourhood stand-and-eat self-services.

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