The Neighbour did it Beta

This is the story of 3 neighbours – the P's, the I's and the S's. The kids from the S family had gone to the Ps' residence to play with the kids from P family, when somebody attacked the S kids.

2 of the younger P kids discussed this incident with their father:

P Kid1: Papa, papa, who attacked the S children in our compound?

P Dad: Our neighbour, the I's did it Beta.

P Kid2: But why would they do such a thing Papa?

P Dad: To get even with us Beta.

P Kid1: I don't understand Papa.

P Dad: Do you remember a few months back somebody attacked the I's Beta? Many members of their family were victims of the attack. Even some of their guests were not spared.

P Kid2: Yes Papa, I remember.

P Dad: At that time, the I's blamed us Beta. They alleged that someone from our house had done it. Kisi aur ghar ki taraf nahin; ISI ghar ki taraf they have pointed fingers Beta.

P Kid1: But that is true Papa. Our eldest brother (your spoilt kid) had attacked them Papa.

P Dad: Sssh.. Don't utter such nonsense Beta. The I's simply wanted to rake up our old khaandaani dushmani – that's the reason they blamed us. And that is also the reason they attacked your friends – the Ss' children, when they were playing in our house. Certain intelligent people from the I family have given us a RAW deal Beta.

P Kid2: That is not true Papa. For one, there is no proof that anybody from the I family was involved in this attack. Secondly, there is ample proof to confirm that our eldest brother (your spoilt kid) attacked the I's a few months back. For all we know, he might have been involved in this attack on our friends from the S family too. We feel you are the one who's trying to get even Papa. You are simply blaming the I's for this attack.

P Dad: You children should not be speaking this way, Beta. Don't you know you should toe the line of the big boss of the house?

P Kid1: We are only being logical Papa. If you continue blaming others instead of controlling our eldest brother (your spoilt kid) then nobody will ever want to come to our house – whether to play or for anything else. Everybody will stop talking to us wherever we go. We will be isolated in every way. Why don't you try to control our eldest brother (your spoilt kid) instead, Papa?

P Dad: Shut up and get out of my sight Beta.

I think the P Kids made far more sense than their Dad. It makes me sad to see people blame the P family in general for anything and everything negative that's happening in their colony. I know for a fact that most of the members of the P family are against all this nonsense. Its only their eldest spoilt kid who's creating trouble. What bothers me though, is why is Mr. P, the dad, not doing anything about it?

5 comments to The Neighbour did it Beta

  • Confused me a bit. Any way whats the rationale... :)

  • Nice!short & sweet & yet you have managed to give the right message :-)

  • @PC: C'mon man .. you know what I am talking about here ;)

    Di: Thanks! And the message was the main intention of this post anyways! Glad that I was able to get it through.

  • Point well made! n Woooow! wat a way to make ur point! loved it!

  • Incognito

    >>>"I know for a fact that most of the members of the P family are against all this nonsense."

    Yeah. you know more about them than they do themselves.

    However, that ostrich pose may not protect your backside.

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