"Horizons - Filled with Hope" Finds a New Home

Well, after procrastinating for a long time, this blog has finally moved from rented property to its own residence! You might have already observed the new URL - http://www.hopehorizons.in/. This is the domain name which I purchased recently (I had made up my mind to do this after attending the IndiBloggers meet last month). I also took the opportunity to feedburn my blog feeds.

But wait! What does it mean to you, the (returning) reader? Well nothing actually! For,

  • The old URL (and any bookmarks that might be pointing to it or any post within it) will still continue to work.

  • The old Atom feed URL will still continue to work (or at least, thats what I think)

However, I would still request you to

  • Start using the new URL (if it is not too much of a bother to you :D)

  • Edit your feed subscription to point to the new FeedBurner URL

  • Most importantly - if you are not exactly feed-savvy, and have been missing out on my posts, you can now subscribe to posts by email! All you have to do is, enter your email in the “Get New Posts Via Email” widget provided in the left panel.

Wish me Happy Blogging!

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