Criminal Rights: The New Human Rights

I like the new concept of Human Rights. Its called criminal rights. I can now do whatever I want and escape punishment on humanitarian grounds.

I can indiscriminately open fire at India's largest railway station, kill hundreds of people, wage a bloody war and terrorize a city of crore-plus population; and yet nobody can give me speedy punishment in spite of ample proof. Humanitarian grounds. I am more of a human being than all those dead. Criminal rights you see.

I can abuse children in every way possible – emotionally, financially, physically, sexually. I know Govt's will never strengthen the law to deter me from doing so. My humanity quotient is more than that of all those children put together. Criminal rights you see.

I can set up a chemical factory in a state capital, commit heinous ignorance that results in gas leaks, kill or permanently maim tens of thousands of people; and simply exit the country casually. Even a quarter century later no-one in the judicial circles is going to give a damn. I have more “human rights” than tens of thousands of victims put together. Criminal rights you see.

Thank you “Humanitarian Grounds”. Thank you “Criminal Rights”. What would I ever do without you?

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  • This is a result of a non existent opposition party.Unconcerned citizens and non caring ruling parties.
    The colonial judicial system which we follow is bound by delays as judicial reforms are not being implemented.
    Even if ,one gets caught--one does become another Afzal Guru
    Your post is highly thought provoking

  • Hoe true, ...sadly!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if killing Kasab will be a punishment, he will die and that will be the end. Those who have died won't come back. We will not start feeling safer... just wondering.

  • Anonymous

    Loved your post! Indeed the new concept of criminal rights has created a lot of loopholes in our system and has provided a lot of opportunities to criminals who get their claim to humanity in lockup. Never mind that they are in lockup because they trod on several others' claim to humanity.
    Human rights should be respected, yes, but those who disrespect them should not be let free! Don't hang them, but how about some community service till the verdict is out? That way, they might also learn about the community they tormented, while still keeping intact their 'human rights'!

  • @BKChowla: Yes - the judicial reforms are stalled because of the opposition. They would gladly join hands with the Govt. when it comes to doubling the salaries of MPs - but when the time comes to implement reforms - they're absconding.

    What is surprising though - is the number of NGOs which talk about "Human Rights" for criminals. Maybe they are just aiming for their 15 minutes of fame?

    @IHM: Killing kasab will not bring back the dead; nor will it dissuade other hardened terrorists (esp those brainwashed by Al-Qaeda) from attempting such attaks in the future. But what kind of state is it that is not even able to bring to justice, the person who killed so many hundreds of innocent people so ruthlessly?

    @Amruta: I think people like Kasab are beyond "learning". In fact, they were sent to do maximum damage and then die - under strict instructions that they are not to be captured alive. But your idea of community service would be very effective if meted out to lesser criminals - where there is hope for reform.

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