Are You Happy With Your Country?

I just returned from a trip to Europe (snaps here; and travelogues to follow shortly). Met lots of interesting people and had nice little experiences and anecdotes. I'd like to share one here.

I was in a villa in Spain run by a retired British couple, Liz and John. One fine evening they were entertaining me with stories from their travails all over the world (they've travelled far and wide); and I was giving them snapshots into Indian life. Suddenly, Liz asks me:

So, Kiran, are you happy with your country?”

Now I know this is not a question that can be answered in a yes/no manner. But I'd still like to know how you'd respond to that. Are you happy with your country of origin? Your country of residence?

As for me, I stuttered and stammered and changed my answer between “yes” and “no” several times before throwing up my hands and saying that it is a really tough question to answer – especially when asked out-of-the-blue.

Its amazing how people you barely know and whom you meet far away from home can inject such stimulus into your thought process!

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  • Well I have thought through this several times. We have issues, yes, but then which country does not?

    I wish for many a thing to be better in the present day India, but that said, I am very happy with the country :) there!

  • I hope had a good holiday.
    I am sure the question they asked you was just an innocent expression.I am sure you are happy with your country as it has to offer that no other country in the world can.

  • Liyaqatali

    Sare jahan se acha, hindustan humara.. All we need is just a lil discipline in the civilians and accountability in the government.

  • Supreeth

    Yes! Straight yes! And people YES! again.. But system and governance - somewhat yes because it is the result of our ancestors (parents - they voted too..) and mostly no - "WE" or should it be "I" as citizen(s) should share responsibility to make more of our countrymen (women n oh also "others") happier!!!

    Now, I don't want to say "Something needs to be done" becoz I never thought about it.. I am yet to start doing my bit..

  • U know…my instant response to “do u like ur country of origin” was “of course !”.. and to “do u like ur country of residence?” was “YES!” It didn’t need any thinking at all. N if I fo take the time to think about response remains the same.

    Like every other aspect of life….my country of origin n residence each have their pros and cons..therz so much that has to change to make it a better place…

    but I guess..more than anything else my fondness for the place stems from the fact that the place is MINE!I belong there! N several memories have been created in these very places. How can I not like them?

  • Kiran, I love my country. Does that mean everything is right about it? Absolutely, not. But show me one place where everything is right.

    I know that our country still has lots to achieve. But, as Li put it - Saare Jahan Se Accha Hindustan Hamaara.

  • Lee, I am with you.
    I miss India.
    Jai Hind.

  • India has hundreds of problems.An ever growing population, illiteracy, poverty, traffic, pollution.As they say in 'Rang De Basanti'-"Koi bhi country perfect nahin hoti. Usko perfect banana padta hain." Unless we, the citizens participate in our system and try to improve it, we have no right to complain about things that are not going the right way. Jai Hind!

  • I am happy with my country, but not the countrymen. Reason, everyone very well know. Yes, true we have a very few people who makes the country great, far apart from any other in the world, but that doesn't mean that all who lives in this country are equally good.
    And that's the truth, everyone hate to agree to this.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think loving your country means we have to be happy with our country too. I am not happy with my country, I think there's a lot that needs to be done, and I feel I must do my bit too.

    Good question Kiran!

  • Thanks all for the thought-provoking comments. These comments stimulate me to write a follow-up post - so expect one soon.

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