Does This Make Me Any Less Patriotic?

In a recent post; I had posed a question (that I had been asked by a British couple): “Are you happy with your country?”

I got quite a few responses. Among these, the very first one (by Mihir Modi) is very close to what I had in mind when I responded. I just could not express myself as well. And well, most of the responses were along similar lines – that there are problems; but every country has them; and that people are happy with India.

However, I was not convinced with that answer. Somehow, for some reason, I could not convince myself that I am indeed happy with my country. And that is when two other comments came in (by Deepak and IndianHomeMaker). I agree with their comments. Now, its all very clear to me.

I love my country and am strongly patriotic. I know we have lot of potential to make it big in any field. BUT, I am not happy with the current state of affairs in my country. Not even close to. There are too many things that are wrong. Forget about politicians or the other “hated” breed of people. I am not happy with even the common man. The way we common people vote, drive, conduct ourselves, practice the highest degree of hypocrisy - we just may deserve the detestable politicians that we get.

This does not mean that I should sit and crib. No. I want to do my bit in improving things around. I want to play my role in a slow revolution. I want to show the world what We, as Indians, are capable of. But the answer to the original question is: "No- I am not happy with my country."

I leave you with this video of actor Rahul Bose giving a speech (at OASIS 2k9, BITS Pilani) on what his Dream for India is. Do watch it if you have not already.

Original Youtube link here.

Looking forward to the day when the answer to this question will be a resounding YES. JAI BHARATH.

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  • Warning : long comment

    Okay I remember reading IHM’s comment on the prev post n thinking..i have to respond to it when I get time..but of course I forgot. So here..i will respond to this post and IHM’s comment.

    Love and Happiness are not exactly mutually exclusive things. They have something to do with each other…n I donno how to explain that “something” in in a crisp manner., When we say we love sumone/sumthing..most often that someone /something brings us happiness …For eg:

    If I love a song…listening to that song makes me smile!
    If I love a certain edible item, eating that thing makes me happy!
    If I like an outfit, wearing that outfit makes me feel good!
    ..well u get the drift…and finally

    If I like a place, being in that place makes me happy!
    If I love a person, being with that person brings me joy!

    But that doesnn’t imply that I APPROVE of everything about that place or person. Therz just something abt it/them…that makes me giddy-headed n happy… so ya..I’m happy with it/them! Know what I mean?!

    If u love ur country…it implies that there is something about it that your happy about. You cannot be entirely unhappy about something you love. But ya, it definitely does not imply that u approve of everything about it.

    Will have to remember to watch the video at home. Agn sorry for the long-ish comment!

  • Exactly.
    Lets not talk about politicians and other white-criminals (exlude the known and legal criminals, they anyways are criminal - "vahashi darinde"), I meant the same. I am not at all happy with the common-man. And that is what which makes India a country, so not happy about it. But yes, we have a potential, I am doing my bit. And you also please do so, if you are feel so.
    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

  • Incognito

    why didn't you ask the question back to the britishers ?

    It is they who impoverished India. They brought down India's share of 24% of world GDP before british raj to 4% at the time of independence.

    Are the british happy with their country and what their country achieved ?
    What about the millions of native americans they killed off ?
    what about the millions of native australians they killed off ?
    the millions of africans they killed and enslaved ?

    How come they even thought of asking you that question, considering that it is they who destroyed free intellectual consciousness of this country and turned its people into imitating idiots ?

    The fellow that you linked giving talk in BITS Pilani is an actor, doing what he does best, playing the part given to him. A pawn in the hands of the same imperial western mindset that attempts to create felings of inadequacy in the minds of their erstwhile colonial subjects through the new age instruments of cultural imperialism- NGOs and social activism.

    That you were unable to answer properly the british couple merely shows your ignorance of the worth of this country that withstood one thousand years of relentless attack by islamic marauders followed by 200 years of loot and destruction by greedy britishers.

    This country is still alive.

    And recuperating, gathering strength everyday.

    Hopefully it will regain back its original health and lead the world again in intellectual, material and spiritual advancement, having gained immunity through the attacks it withstood.

    Realize the worth of this country and the heritage you inherited.

  • The way we common people vote, drive, conduct ourselves,

    This is the underlying point.
    The change required is here.

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