A New World, New Order

The year is 2200 A.D. There has been an outbreak of nuclear war. An overwhelming majority of the world's population has been wiped out.

There's destruction and desolation everywhere. Buildings have been razed to the ground.

Mega-cities have been become mega-cinders.

Forests have disappeared.

To top it all, global warming has taken its toll on the earth.

Islands have submerged.

Several species of animals have become extinct.

In short, the earth has been reduced to ashes.

And from these ashes, rises the phoenix – A New World, New Order.

A world free of religions, unaware about “races”. People are divided only by their geography and culture. There is nothing to die for or kill for.

Boundaries there are, none political – only those created by the topography - rivers, mountains and seas.

Vehicles they have – only those which run on solar energy. No petro-wars, no pollution.

Banks exist – only those that serve the needy. Sub-prime lending is not something they know about.

Competition lives, and the competent thrive. There is no room for corruption.

Inequalities exist – but only in small proportions. The majority work towards wiping out the inequalities of the few (not the other way round).

Children have a future, a world to look forward to – the world which they will inherit from their previous generation.

Life in The new world is not a bed of roses.

There are problems, there are issues, and each one has to carve out a living. However; it is a world worth living in. It is not a doomed life.

Survival is not the primary objective – continuous improvement; and conservation of the earth, the world for the next generation are.

Looking forward to The New World, The New Order?? Or looking forward to preventing the Doomsday in the First Place??

3 comments to A New World, New Order

  • Anonymous

    I hope we never see ashes, and no phoenix needs to rise from those ashes...

    I also fear that if we did have a new world, the perfect ideal world 'A world free of religions, unaware about “races”. People are divided only by their geography and culture...' there is still a risk that this world would forget all good lessons learnt after the first few generations. And we will be back to square one :(

    I wish we would see how urgently we need to see the beauty of the world John Lennon 'Imagine'd ... you have described it so well, I think that's how we all imagine heaven would be. :(

  • I would go to any extent to see a world free of all the disparities I see today.
    You have great sense of imagination.

  • U know the rumor that the world is going to end in 2010..well..i don’t believe it. But then therz this teeny-weeny part of me..that thinks that mabbe it is a good thing if the world does come to an end. Mabbe we’ll get to start fresh, live a new life and do a better job of it this time around!

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