Artificial Solace

This is the highest partnership for the third wicket, screams [insert-the-name-of-your-favourite-commentator-here]; and it gets me all excited...

.. for India against [insert-name-of-opponent-team-here], he continues ..

“Oh well, that's still good”, I say to myself ..

On this ground.. By now I feel the excitement draining ..


under Dhoni's captaincy ... WHAT??..

since P Chidambaram took over the Home Ministry from you-know-who (hey, wasn't this soon after 26/11?)!!!

And I scoff at those cricket statisticians who can make even the most mediocre achievement seem like a “record”.

Then I tell myself: But isn't this what life is all about? Making the best of each situation – seeing it from an optimistic viewpoint?

And then I answer the question myself: Not Always. Many-a-time, I try to find solace in fabricated so-called-positive-sides of the matter when in fact, none exist. Why should I try to falsely convince myself that a situation has a sunny side to it? Who am I kidding and WHY? This is more harmful than a purely pessimistic dissection of the issue at hand!

I conclude with a quote that I came across in Rashmi Bansal's book, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. It quotes Anand Halve of chlorophyll:

Define your Do's and Don'ts before you start. Post-facto, any act can be justified”.

1 comment to Artificial Solace

  • A little philosophical I must say.

    You seem to be talking about people who take artificial solace after losing the battle. I think that is their personal choice. If they think taking artificial solace is the solution to their problems, so be it.

    Of course, the case of the Indian Cricket team is a different case altogether. The team represents the hopes and aspirations of the Indian people. They shouldn't be playing with the feelings of the people by giving artificial solace.

    But on a personal front, I think Artificial Solace is a very personal decision.

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