55er: Tranquil

He sat on the shore, watching the sun slowly retire.
Everything seemed so calm, so tranquil.
No blaring horns, no vehicle engines, no buzz of conversation.

But wait, he could see vehicles moving nearby; and he now saw a crowd of people within earshot.

That's when he remembered the accident that had rendered him deaf.

9 comments to 55er: Tranquil

  • I am speechless.
    One of the finest, short posts.

  • That was a twist. I thought he would be dead! Good one. :)

  • Anonymous

    That was some twist... I fear this for people who listen to music too loud with earphones or without.

  • when i started, i thought it would be some of your experiences at some calm beach in goa...but...
    good one..

  • Now that was good.

  • Nice. Good twist!

  • Awesome post Kiran!
    I am just short of words to express any further.

  • Awesome post, Kiran. I thought the twist in the tale would be that he suddenly realizes that he is dead and he is sitting in the heaven and looking down on the Earth but your ending is too good. It touches the heart in a very special way!

  • @BKChowla, @IP, @Mainak, @Angel, @Shevta: Thanks!

    @Zephyr, @Di: I experimented with dead and blind before I settled on this ending. Glad it touched your heart.

    @IHM: You said it.

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