There Go Human Rights Campaigners Again

This is what the IBN Top Headlines gadget in my iGoogle home page looks like. Check out the first 2 headlines.

I'm reproducing these headlines in text below (in case they are not legible in the image).

Headline1: Naxals strike, kill 26 CRPF men in Chhattisgarh (link)
Headline2: Dead Naxals carried like animals, NHRC objects (link)

Dear NHRC, don't you have any objection to the 26 CRPF men being slaughtered (like animals or otherwise)? Never mind. You might consider re-christening yourself to “National Criminal Rights Commission”, and then work actively towards this kind of goal.

4 comments to There Go Human Rights Campaigners Again

  • CRPF is like sitting ducks for the Naxals who are using these hapless men for target practice.

  • I have written on this subject and so many others.
    It is not only CNNIBN, most of the TV channels have similar details.
    There is only one way out.There has to be created another agency to counter NHRC.
    Govt now has come to the stage where they are giving us only statistic on the death toll.
    Media does create public opinion but in case of NHRC media has actually hurt the cause

  • Its really sad part!! "26 paramilitary troopers were killed on Tuesday in Chhattisgarh's restive Bastar region" when this happens,Human rights people never comment..Is this problem with human rights definition or who falls in human category?..They say "Eight Naxals including three women who were carried like hunted animals" But can't they see same Naxals brutally killed paramilitary troopers..Can't animals be treated as animals ??Or you have right for that also ??

  • Isn't this the usual story. I have never once seen the human rights commission protest against the true enemies of humanity.

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