Back Breaking Expectations

It has come to a stage where State Governments, the Central Govt and even the Supreme Court are involved. There's talk of court orders and even laws are being mulled. What impression does this project about our prestigious urban education system?

Little children are being over-burdened by the weight of their school bags. This has always been plenty obvious. Couldn't our “reputed institutions” see this? Couldn't they take steps to set this right of their own accord?

No. It took PILs, media clamour, national debate and Government intervention before our great education system even acknowledged the problem. The solution still escapes us. Even if laws are implemented – it doesn't erase the blot on the schools that allowed it to go this far. And I can think of only one reason for the schools not having nipped it in the bud – their false notion of competitiveness.

More books = Better education being imparted. More marks = Better school.

It makes me sick to think that all these schools which'd rather risk a child's health permanently, than give in and take innovative measures to reduce his burden, receive so much adulation and respect – from media and parents alike.

Maybe it is time to have city-wise databases of schools, graded by parents on these “peripheral” parameters in addition to the so-called “core” ones?

2 comments to Back Breaking Expectations

  • Education and the system of education is not a priority in India.
    Kapil Sibal can go on promoting Foreign universities in India, but those will remain in the reach of the rich and famous.

  • Very simple reason my friend.

    Schools running on PROFIT MOTIVE.

    Do u know many schools actually get into unofficial deals with publishers and recommend their books.

    India needs to overhaul its system completely.

    Ban all PROFIT in education.

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