There Are Two Types Of ....

There is a popular dialogue in the Amitabh Bachhan-starrer Bollywood movie - Hum. It goes like this:

इस दुनिया में दो तरह के कीडे होते हैं - एक गन्दी नाली का कीडा और एक समाज का कीडा. गन्दी नाली के कीडे के लिए बाज़ार में spray मिलता है .. लेकिन समाज के कीडे के लिए कोई spray नहीं है.

[Literal Translation: Two types of cockroaches exist in this world - one which breed in gutters; and the other society-bred. The gutter-pests can be controlled by sprays available in the market. However, no such extermination means are available for the societal worms]

Its interesting how this dialog relates to the corporate world. Here's my adaptation of the same:

इस दुनिया में mistakes के दो कारण होते हैं - एक Inexperience से उभरने वाला; और एक incompetence से उगने वाला. पहले तरह के mistake को सुधारा जा सकता है; लेकिन दूसरी तरह की गलती के लिए कोई इलाज नहीं है.

[Translation: In this world, mistakes may occur for 2 reasons:

  1. Out of Inexperience
  2. Out of Incompetence
The first kind of mistakes can be reduced by experience; however there is no cure for the blunders of the second category.]

I wonder by what magnitude it would benefit the nation as a whole if the incompetent lot were weeded out - both from the government circles and equally importantly; from the corporate world.

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