So Media, Where Are The Results?

Dear Indian Mediarazzi,

During the past few weeks, you have raised a big hue and cry; wasted newsreel by the kilometers; (and tripped and fallen over each other in a bid to prove your one-upmanship) regarding the following matters:

  • 25th “anniversary” of the Bhopal Gas Tradegy

  • 25th “anniversary” of Indira Gandhi's assassination

  • 1st anniversary of 26/11 (if you remember – you started hyping this up more than a week in advance)

  • Liberhann committee report.

... and the list goes on.. and on .. and on..

Now, if you could be kind enough to publish the results. What did you achieve by doing this? What improvement/betterment has your several-pages-long worthless junk on these topics brought about?And oh, how come you have already forgotten about the incidents now that the “landmark date” has passed?

Waiting to hear from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Disgusted Consumer of your Disgusting Sense of “Reporting”

3 comments to So Media, Where Are The Results?

  • This is an award winning post.
    It is time we realised how self centred and irresponsible the media has been.

  • The media has to move its focus from milking money out of tragedies and instead realize its responsibility and put its power to proper use and spread the right messages. They have a long long way to go…in terms of improvement!

  • It's sad that media forgot its responsibility!

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