Insanity Prevails

Ok.. This post is meant to vent my frustration… in connection with the Mumbai blasts and beyond. So don’t expect anything rational here…So where do I start? I don’t even want to ask the usual questions “what did they gain by slaughtering the innocent” etc etc.. because these are hardcore, extreme terrorists. It is meaningless to expect logical thoughts from them.

I think the terrorists are extremely intelligent. Why dint they attack the Parliament (since their last unsuccessful attempt that is)?? Or any other seat of Govt or any political place for that matter? Because they have not underestimated the potential that we have .. they know that we are fully capable of bringing them to justice and even almost driving them to extinction. And if they do succeed in unsettling any of our “leaders”, then they know that the anti-terrorsist machinery will start working in full swing. They don’t want to bring about their own end by bombing the Parliament.

So what do you do? Attack the innocent public.. and hit where it hurts most. Attack the local trains in Mumbai during peak hour on a working day. The terrorists are fully aware that the “leaders” are not going to give a damn about whats happening. Fathom this: A news channel begged politicians to stay away from the blast sites for a couple of days since there was chaos everywhere and roads were all jammed – a high profile visit would only add to the woes. Inspite of this Sonia Gandhi pulled a political fiasco by visiting the sites and supposedly offer her condolences. So did LK Advani. Shame on them. And to hell with them.

So the terrorists were right. They knew that the blasts would only be used by certain shameless people to gain political mileage. They know that they are safe because the government and opposition alike will concentrate on making hay while the sun shines rather than take measures to prevent such happenings again. They also know that if the present generation of corrupt politicians go, then they might be replaced by younger people who really care for the country, who will leave no stone unturned to ensure development, and who will really do something to curb terrorism. The terrorists don’t want to spell their own doom by doing this do they?

Now we also have ourselves to blame partly for the blasts. I don’t see how such a co-ordinated effort could have succeeded without the (probably unwitting) involvement of locals. For example, some1 somewhere would have been bribed into transporting the explosives saying that the goods are “just smuggled electronics goods”. This is just an illustrative example but you get the point. Such bribes are accepted without even tickling the conscience. A little more honesty might have gone a long way in averting the massacre.

We now come to the other shameless sections of the society who, instead of actively participating in getting Mumbai back on its feet, are out inflicting more harm on he society – I’m referring to a section of VHP who attacked a peaceful mosque in Surat. At a time when they should be doing something constructive, they are hell bent upon destroying the unity of the nation. Don’t they know that people from all walks of life were killed in the blasts? Don’t they know that a bomb doesn’t consider a person’s religion, caste, social status, political view before killing him? I would say that this act is not less shameful than the blasts itself.

Finally we have Mulayam Singh Yadav who has stuck his neck out to say that SIMI is not involved in the blasts. Why cant he for once look beyond his vote bank and face reality. Agreed that he doesn’t care about his country .. but he atleast cares for his own safety. These (or some other) terrorists could target him tomorrow. Also is he foolish enough to believe that people will vote for him if he gives a clean chit to some terrorist outfit? He’s wrong. The very people whom he is trying to woo by doing this will turn against him. Because they are all peace-loving patriotic citizens of India ...not even one of those qualifiers applies to Mulayam Singh Yadav.

All this notwithstanding, I still remain optimistic. I hope and I know that sometime in the near future, the public and the administration alike, will wake up to the challenges. The next generation is capable of building an India that is more focused on the people than in politics. How far away we are from that day is debatable. But as always, I prefer to end my blog on an optimistic note. JAI BHARATH.

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  • Anonymous

    Very nice write up. The problem basically is that life runs on vested interests and that is extremely difficult to change. All we can hope for is an "Asha ki Kiran" in posts like yours.

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