Blogging Spree

I've been on a blogging spree this weeekend. Wrote 3 posts and also uploaded an old one. Plus, i created a new blog Kiran's Reviews. This is supposed to be the blog where I'l post my comments and reviews about books, movies, TV programmes and more.

But its not limited to the "reviews". In some cases, an article that we read or a movie that we see sets us thinking about serious issues. This new blog is where i'l post such issues, i.e., those issues on which I was influenced by books or TV etc.

Finally, I hope to be much more active as far as blogging is concerned. There are a whole bunch of issues I thought I'd write about, but felt lazy and disguised it under a veil of "I'm Busy". I have resolved to put an end to this negligence and blog any serious issue as soon as I consider it.


3 comments to Blogging Spree

  • Kiran,

    The one thing I definitely love about all your posts are its endings... All of them end on a patriotic note. Thats really good of you man.


  • Anonymous

    All Patriotic Folks join hands in defeating the Corrupt Bureaucrats and Politicians.

    THESE are the folks who SINGLE HANDEDLY are taking INDIA BACKWARDS.

    Jai Bharath.
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  • Anonymous

    Gee,u write well.i'd beat u at english in school,remember??but i guess now the writer in you is well out of reach for most of us.keep writing n take care

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