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Recently, my friend, who's been blogging for quite some time now, hit upon the idea of starting a blog magazine. BlogSarovar is the result of this brainwave. It has started off with 5 members (including me :-), each of us specializing in certain category of writing. We hope to increase the membership as well as the readership gradually. Expect this blog magazine to host posts related to anything and everything - movie and book reviews, politics, finance, sports, lifestyle, society and so on.

The idea of this magazine is to channelize our individual writing talents and pool them together. This way, we can synergize our thoughts and our energies, thus improving the quality and content. This will help us reach a wider audience.

I still hope to continue maintaining my present personal blog too, where I shall post topics which I feel are not relevant to the magazine, but still relevant to society. Depending on the number such posts I churn out, I shall take a decision later whether to abandon this blog and concentrate fully on BlogSarovar, or to continue with this blog too.

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  • Is there a need for a magazine wen there is such an interactive forum of blogging through internet....wat say????

  • Anonymous

    Hi Kiran,

    Good work..all the best.

    Amit..theres always place for innovation. And also think 'Mall' stop shopping,,all under a single roof? :)

  • @amit: Kaveetaa below has summarized what I wanted to say with the "mall" analogy.

    @kaveetaa: THANKS!! :-)

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