Would the Gods Brand Me an Atheist If ....

.... instead of burning my money on firecrackers during Diwali (probably inflicting burn wounds on someone in the process), I were to donate the same money and time to cure a poor child of the burns she has suffered?

.... instead of splurging on Ganesha idols (which will end up at the
bottom of a pond anyway) and feeding him umpteen varieties of eatables , I were to feed a hungry child with the same money?

.... instead of literally wasting money and resources during every festival (and we have no dearth of festivals - do we?), I were to do something constructive which has timely relevance (for example, do something for the Bihar flood victims right now)?

Festivals are meant to be kind of family reunions - which is all the more relevant in today's scheme of things - where families are scattered everywhere. Festivals are meant to be occasions for middle class people to indulge in a little materialism - like purchase new clothes for children, gift yourselves a TV/fridge/vehicle.

Alas! The original meaning and intention have dissolved totally. Festivals are now a question of who splurges more. I want my Ganapati idol to be bigger and more lavishly decorated than my neighbours'. I want to show off to the whole village that I burst the maximum firecrackers during Diwali. It is a competition.

I have decided that I am going to celebrate festivals in their original spirit. I wonder whether the Gods would brand me an atheist and punish or curse me for doing so ..... !!!!

4 comments to Would the Gods Brand Me an Atheist If ....

  • way to go bro!! probably u r even afraid to burst crackers, as far as i can recall... :P

  • Anonymous

    "Would the Gods Brand Me an Atheist If ...."
    Certainly not.
    Spending on decorations during festivals is a big waste of money. Why can't we use artificial flowers for decoration rather than real flowers? But then, who will listen to us?

  • Very noble thought, and really speaking, I am already there where you are going to ? Lets walk together and make it happen.
    Secondly, there is no question of God branding you an atheist, because doing such a noble thing, I even don't care about the existence of the GOD. Humanity comes much much much before the God...

  • If God is really what she is, then she would be happy.

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