Hypocrite Radar - RR Patil.

In the aftermath of the Rahul Raj incident, wherein a gun-wielding youth was shot dead by Mumbai police, Maharashtra Home Minister RR Patil had this to say: "Those who take the law in their own hands will be dealt with in the same way".

Well Mr. Patil, in that case, perhaps tomorrow morning we should be reading

  • About the Mumbai Police shooting MNS activists, beginning with their chief, the honorable Mr. Raj Thackeray?
  • About the Mumbai Police shooting the famed Mumbai underworld dons to death?
  • About Mumbai police shooting the corrupt politicians?
  • About Mumbai police shooting YOU - since in issuing such a statement, you have taken the law in your own hands as well?

Mr. Patil, please do not give us this hypocritical, politically-motivated, i-wanna-save-my-rear bullshit. I do not want to opine on whether the Mumbai police was or was not justified in shooting Rahul Raj. My point is - why one set of rules for MNS and a different set for others?

Any answers , Honorable Mr. RR Patil?

4 comments to Hypocrite Radar - RR Patil.

  • Anonymous

    Boxer... Great post.. I wish the person whom it is addressed to reads it and has some self realization.. May he wake up with some sense of shame..

  • Thanks Lee .. ya its about time for some self-realization .. on the part of the said honorable minister .. and on hundreds of other babus and netas!

  • Great post! Real hypocrites.

  • Anonymous

    Kudos...buddy...Good Post!!

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