Mr. Professional Seeks My Counsel

Guess what? I recently got a call out-of-the-blue from my old pal Mr. Professional (I encourage you to read this previous post about Mr. Professional - i'l call him Mr.Pr in the rest of this post - to get introduced to him, and to put the current post into perspective). I am glad to inform my readers that Mr.Pr has since gotten himself a life outside of his "professional duty".

Ok, so he surprised me by giving me a ring after a long, long time. He breathlessly told me that he had got a new job sometime mid of last year. And, to my horror, I realized that he had called me up to seek my advice on a pressing matter. Ya, I know - ME!! of all people! And what exactly was he seeking advice on? To put it in his own words:

Hey Kiran, what would you rather do? Romance Katrina Kaif on-screen in return for nothing? Or get beaten up on-screen by Salman Khan in return for a FilmFare Award?

Here he goes, I thought! You see, Mr.Pr has had a history of losing his marbles every now and then :). But I had no clue that he was so blinded by Katrina that he even dreamt of acting with her (if you can call what she does as "acting" .. hmmph). I just dismissed this as one of his bouts of craziness; and changed the topic - ignoring his repeated and vociferous pleas to "discuss". Imagine his cheek - calling this a "pressing matter". Ya right!

It was only a few days later, when I was flipping my way through some old blogs on my blogroll (this one in particular), that I discovered how profound this crazy-sounding Mr.Pr really is. Reading through that blog, and linking the opinions of the author to the conversation with Mr.Pr, the tube light in my head slowly lit up (after flickering several times of course). What Mr.Pr. really was asking me was:

Hey Kiran, what would you rather choose?

  • Doing what you really like - even if it is thankless and with no reward whatsoever? Would the satisfaction you derive out of such an activity be reward enough?


  • Doing something that you hate from every artery, vein and capillary in your body, provided the returns are substantial?

I'm totally stumped by this thought process from who I've been thinking of hitherto as "Stupid ol' Mr.Pr". I have now started seeing him in new light. And no - I have no answer to his question. Even after losing sleep over this matter for quite a few days, I am still unable to decide what I'd rather do. All I can do is come up with more questions, like

Would I get involved today in something that is against my principles/goals, provided it will lead to my goals being achieved in the long run? (2 examples I can think of are - Business Risks and "eradicating" the corrupt politicians from my country).

Like i said - why ME of all people?? All Mr.Pr has succeeded in is unsettling me with this train of thought! Anyone care to counsel him?

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