Poland to Castrate Paedophiles

According to this news item in today's ToI, Poland has approved a law that mandates castration of child sex offenders in some cases. The news item also adds in the same breath that this move has sparked criticism from human rights groups.

Two points I want to raise here:

One – Heinous crimes call for heinous punishment! Why can't other countries around the world take such concrete and seriously tough steps to curb the menace of child sex abuse?

Two – The part about criticism from human rights groups had me thinking: Can an adult who mercilessly sexually abuses a child really qualify as “human”? Why can't human rights groups look from the child's point of view for once?

Looking forward to a humane world which treats its children as human too!

5 comments to Poland to Castrate Paedophiles

  • wow! Loved the last line. Good one as usual...
    Hope our Indian system also adopts such a thing someay! Amen!

  • Indian system will never be able to adopt such laws.The law agencies are the ones who make and break the law.And, we are still stuck to old British laws.

  • Very well said!

    n poland's done a gr8 job! hope inadia follows its footsteps!

  • @Di, @Pavi:Thanks. But these laws will be effective only if the offense comes out in the open (which rarely happens in India!) Remember, since the punishment is severe, it should only be awarded if the crime is proven beyond doubt! In the current form, the law could at most act as a deterrent to a potential offender.

    What is needed in order to go with this is a change in mentality - one that encourages children to report such abuse to elders and one which encourages elders to initiate action against the offender - instead of the current mentality which forces people to hush up any such unpleasant incidents! - more about this here

    @BK Chowla: That statement, although pessimistic, seems to be true!

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