Short-listed for AvantGarde Bloggies Award 2009

My review of the book Bitter Chocolate by Pinki Virani has been shortlisted for the “Best Book Review” category of the AvantGarde Bloggies Awards 2009. This is an annual award organized by Poonam Sharma who maintains the blog Visceral Observations. There are several categories for the awards, and six posts have been shortlisted in each category from hundreds of nominations.

The winners will be decided by polls which will run for a week starting Monday, 22nd March. Watch this space for updates on the poll announcement.

I'm obviously thrilled that my post made it to the final short-list since this is the first time any of my posts has been short-listed for anything. But my real gain from this contest is the number of outstanding blogs that I discovered while browsing through the nominations. Of course the who's who of Indian blogosphere feature prominently among the final nominations; but there are scores of not-so-well-known bloggers who've made it as well. Reading through some of these lesser-known blogs; only one question plays through my mind: How come these bloggers do not get the reach and visibility that they well and truly deserve?

Kudos to Poonam and team for bringing so many excellent bloggers into the limelight. And stay tuned for Monday's poll.

6 comments to Short-listed for AvantGarde Bloggies Award 2009

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations :)

    I also love the fact that AGB Awards introduces us to a whole lot of bloggers we had never heard of!
    I look forward to reading each one of these entries now ... I remember reading your nominated post, long back - I had love it even then - let me read it once again now.
    And congratulations :)

  • Thanks IHM. And congrats to yourself too. I counted like six categories that you've been shortlisted in .. especially the tougher ones like most disciplined blogger. Goes without saying that its not a surprise :)

  • way to go bro!! i still haven't read the review though.. but this definitely puts a feather on ur cap! proud of you!

  • Hey Kiran, Congratulations and all the best!

  • Hey Congrats Kiran!
    Thats really great.. waiting to know the poll anouncement...

  • Congrats Buddy...!!!
    Proud of U...

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