55er: The Beggar and the Stray Dog

She was loitering on the footpath, her tatters barely covering her body.
Her facial expression fluctuated between passive and resigned.
A street dog approached her. She started petting and cuddling the stray.
Then, she carefully produced a piece of bread from somewhere in her rags, and without second thought, gave it all to the dog.

This post doesn't conform to all the rules of 55-word fiction

  • There's no conflict
  • There's no solution
  • And it isn't even fiction. I saw this unfold in front of my eyes from a bus window on hot afternoon in Bangalore.

This incident reminds me of another one. I saw a child beggar offered some fruit by a passer-by. The first thing she did was to call out to her siblings who were scattered around begging for alms among the motorists waiting at the signal. Only after they ate did she!

Are those who have the least, the ones who share the most?

3 comments to 55er: The Beggar and the Stray Dog

  • Anonymous

    Sad but beautiful... full of hope and compassion. Loved it.

  • You got me thinking on that one

  • @IHM: Thanks! It was indeed touching to actually witness this incident.

    @Bambi: That's it? Was expecting a more elaborate comment from you!

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