7 things I'd like to Photograph Before I Die

Presenting the list of seven things I'd really like to photograph in this lifetime. The fact that this quest would take me far and wide across several continents is a pure coincidence.

  1. The magnificence of an erupting volcano.
Just imagine – A dark sky. An ominous looking mountain. Lava spewing out from the top. Yellow, red and every other shade in between. And me being there to witness the destructive, yet awe-inspiring phenomenon. I think this'd be as close to moksha as I'll ever get. The picture I have in mind is this

[This photograph of Pacaya volcano in Guatemala is sourced from wallpaperweb.org]

  1. The impossible colour riot of a coral reef ecosystem
Innumerable species and countless variety of life. Fish. Mammals. Plants. Un-categorizable life forms. Colours that can never be captured in lens. Now wouldn't that be one hell of a visual treat?

  1. Migration of Wildebeest
This is the largest migration spectacle seen on earth. I would love to get a shot from above – where all you can see are wildebeest (not even an inch of the land visible). And of course, the dust that they kick up! More details about this migration at wikipedia. Or just tune in to Discovery/Animal Planet :)

[Image courtesy Burrard Lucas Photography]

  1. Northern Lights
This is yet another spell-binding natural phenomenon. I don't know whether my camera (or any camera) would be able to capture the real beauty of aurorae, but it's worth a try.

[Image source: NGC photography]

  1. The Emperor Penguin Huddle
During the peak of the Antarctic winter, thousands of emperor penguins huddle together to beat the brutal blizzards. This huddling generates heat that keeps them going. The birds take turns being on the perimeter of the group. What a sight that'd make!
ARKive image - Emperor penguin colony, backlit by sun

  1. Aerial view of the Pantanal
Pantanal is the largest swamp in the world. It is part of the Amazon basin. The marsh is home to thousands of species of wildlife – including the famous anaconda. I'd trade a kidney for the chance to get a shot of Pantanal from the air. Who knows, I might even get a snap of an anaconda while at it.

[Photo sourced from NGC travel]

  1. A wild animal nursing its newborn – in the wild
That bond between mother and child – nature's biggest gift of life. I hope to capture that one moment that portrays several emotions. Something like this:

[Photo courtesy: The Big Photo]

So, what's on your list?

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