Desh Raag

Meet me. I am the modern, 21st century, Indian youth. I have a deep mine of knowledge about anything and everything in the world.

Forget about the Indian map, I even know the Polynesian, Scandinavian and Baltic maps by heart. When it comes to USA, I speak in terms of states and their capitals.

I know the names of coaches of all football teams in the EPL. I even know the amount for which player X moved from club A to club B.

I have in-depth knowledge of the tug-of-war going on in Silicon Valley; about the cut-throat competition between Apple and Google to gain control of the mobile market.

I can rattle off the engine specifications of German, Japanese and Korean cars to astonishing detail; heck I can even give you a crash course on fighter jets.

In spite of all this, when I watch Desh Raag on TV after a long long time, I discover that I cannot even name all the instruments used in it – let alone the names of the artistes playing those instruments!

And I write this blog post, in shame. Directed at my own self and nothing else.

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  • Shameless fella :)

  • I think I can beat you at that :)

  • @PC: :)

    @Bambi: Err .. you can beat me at what?

  • And what are you going to do about it?

  • @Purba: I know where that question is coming from. Honestly, I dont know where to begin in order to set things right!

  • I too admire the richness of Indian classical music - I guess we can never find an equal in the contemporary world.

    Destination Infinity

  • I'd suggest looking up SPIC MACAY's website and attending their concerts/lec dems. SPIC MACAY is the Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth. Their concerts are usually free for the public and the lecture demonstrations will help you learn more about the raaga and the instruments that they play.
    Hope this helps!

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