An Open Letter to Mainstream Media

Dear Indian Mainstream Media,

So, the cat is out of the bag. David Headley has reaffirmed what we already knew. But YOU heard it straight from the demon's mouth. LeT did make use of YOUR live coverage of 26/11 to guide the attackers, alter instructions and make the attack more effective.

What strikes me about this matter is the way YOU played right into LeT's hands. LeT knew YOUR greed in such matters, and knew that YOU would even pimp yourself for a chance to get those exclusive visuals. I guess that using the live coverage as a tool to adapt the attacks – that was a key part of the plan. They knew YOU would cover it live. In short, the LeT used YOU in a manipulative way, without YOU even realizing it (although practically everyone else did!). Even LeT deserves credit for this shrewdness.

So, can YOU finally come round and issue a collective acknowledgement that YOU were wrong? That YOU were irresponsible in YOUR coverage that day? An apology, and a commitment that YOU will be more responsible in the future? Just so that We The People are reassured that there is at least an iota of ethics retained in YOUR highly esteemed self?

Or, do I ask for too much?

Yours Truly,
Just one Among “We, the People”.

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3 comments to An Open Letter to Mainstream Media

  • Good one Kiran. But don’t keep such an expectation as an apology from these guys.

    Today it’s hard to believe statements like – Media plays a very significant role in our society, without media society would be isolated, Media weeds out important issues and helps them resolve and more over media is a watchdog of government. I don’t think there is any “Responsible Journalism” left.

  • i support u completely Kiran.. n also in agrreement with Mr/Ms PC .. MEDIA is A WATCHDOG OF GOVERNMENT.......

  • Hey Kiran, though I agree with what you have to say about the media's role in 26/11, I think we must give the media some credit for the role it played during the recent Anna Hazare JanLokpal Issue. If it wasn't for the media's non-stop coverage on Ramleela grounds, I don't think a common Indian man would have even bothered to step out of the comforts of his home and join Anna and others in their agitations!

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