Innocence Snatched

I was thumbing through a back issue of Reader’s Digest. An article that eventually caught my attention shocked me like nothing before. The article was about the child flesh trade in Cambodia. The author of the article was a journalist in disguise. He masqueraded as a “customer” and must have been utterly shocked at what he witnessed.

There is supposed to be a “belief” in South-East Asia that sex with a virgin child is the “cure” for impotency and also that it “enhances” the potency. Apparently, the younger the child, the more the “healing power” or whatever and the more the money people are ready to pay for it. I was moved to tears on reading that children as young as 6 years old are offered in this trade. First of all, some village girls are lured to the cities with promise of good jobs. Then, they finally end up in this net after running out of options. Most of them don’t even return home because they know they will not be accepted back by their families.

By the time the girls reach an age of 12, they are oblivious to the childhood that they are missing out on. At an age when they should be playing in the grounds and attending school, they are satisfying the needs of cold-blooded monsters. This is the only life that they know of. They are unaware of the fact that most of them will never make it past the age of mid-30’s. AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are rampant.

The Government has supposedly done a lot to clamp down on this to erase the image of Cambodia as a pedophile’s paradise. In spite of all the measures, the most horrific crime on earth still exists. And flourishes.

Of course, the future appears to be brighter than the present. Many girls have been rescued and are now involved in small scale industries. There is some degree of self-sufficiency and self-respect returning to them.

Now the burning question. What can be done to prevent this? For once I’m at a loss. I have no idea how this can be stopped. As long as perverts exist in this world, they will continue to engage in what I describe as the most heinous crime under the sun. Of course one way would be stringent punishment if caught. I strongly believe a person who is as merciless as to snatch the virginity of a pre-pubescent 10 year old deserves absolutely no mercy himself. He should be given death penalty and not by hanging – he should be killed in the most inhumane manner. Not only that, all the people who are involved like the "suppliers" deserve a similar punishment.

As for the prevention, well, I’m hanging my head in shame. Because I have no answer for this. I can only HOPE that all this stops sooner than later. And hope that somehow we make this world a better place for our children to live in - for starters: free of perverts.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Kiran.

    After reading your piece, I was wondering whether there in fact is a connection between third world countries and the rampancy of this utterly disgusting phenomenon. In countries where the Govt is incapable of looking after its poor, or where parents are equally helpless due to poverty and abject misery, the girl child or for that matter children are left at the mercy of predators of the kind who perhaps do provide a piece of bread but not without extorting their 'pound of flesh' literally. All we can do is write, rant, scream, shout and holler in the hope that some day it will be a thing of the past.

  • I cannot begin to express my outrage, the grief I feel for the girls gone, the ones existing, and the thousands sure to follow.

    I hang my head with you Kiran, as i have no answers either.

    Men, whom would take a child for sex, is an abomination of the human spirit, of the adult.

    There has always been pedophiles; but, why can we not treat them, or stop them? The population of pedophilia seems to grow, rather than diminish.

    After reading this horror story, and the one on Kaveetaa's blog, and the We Need You Wiki..I may never sleep the same again... knowing little children, are being so terribly abused.

  • Kiran, this issue was on tv tonight, on CBC National News!! Just thought I'd let you know; it may offer comfort knowing, these stories are all opening nationally.. change is imminent!

  • @kaveeta: Initially, I felt the same. But, the more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that poverty or illiteracy is no excuse for existence of such disgusting practices. Its just pure lust and cold-blooded murder of human spirit. As one of my friends pointed out, "How could someone even think of such a thing? Dont these people have daughters themselves?"

    Secondly, as i have commented in your blog, I dont think its restricted to third world countries alone; wherever prostitution exists, so will this. Cambodia was just an example. I have read reports of such crimes in other parts of the world as well. God only knows how many children are exploited during events like World Cup football or Olympics.

    And you are right about the write, scream, holler part. Thats what drives me into despair about this whole thing.. I cant think of any concrete step to eliminate it.

    @north: There are things that I dint mention in the initial post. Some points I simply missed (for example the fact that there are boys who are exploited in this "trade" too). Some other points I was simply too ashamed to put up. But, I think to put across the scale of the exploitation, it is necessary for me to put one particularly disgusting point.

    Apparently, the girls declare in the beginning that "no boom-boom.. only ngam-ngam".. which is a slang for "No sex, only Oral sex". Every time i read this or even think about it, my blood begins to boil.

    Anyway, look at the positive side. The very fact that news channels are showing it shows that someone cares. Thats immensely good news.

  • Hi Kiran, I was very happy to see this exact issue on the news as a documentary!! How syncronized, or what?!

    I figured, boys were involved's odd; but, most ppl don't realize, boys are just as much a target for pedophilia as girls.

    Sadly, the sex involved with boys from pedophiles, is quite often, violent.

    All we can do really, is keep bringing up the issues of this lowest of human abuses against children "by" adults to an open forum, for public strutiny.

    I am quite disappointed though; that the wiki site, has not recieved triple "at the least" the amount of comments it has recieved thus far.

    I know myself, I EM'd 20 ppl!!

    Why do ppl not respond... it bothers me...

  • Kiran, took me quite a while, but I found a few links to the story on CBC News... I doubt your blog will allow me to post many links, so will go post them on my wikispace post on my blog....

    with loving kindness,

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