A Letter to the "Religious Trouble-Mongers"

To the Bajrang Dal and other Hindu right-wings:

  • Yes, I agree forceful conversion is a crime. But, killing poor innocents in Kandhamal just because of their religion is a bigger crime - an unpardonable one at that.
  • Have you seen the photographs splashed across the newspapers - those of an injured nun with blood on her face - after the attacks on Churches in Mangalore? Is that your idea of delivering justice?

I hate to deliver my verdict thus, but if you continue with your brutal agenda of religious discrimination (and this includes Godhra, Babri Masjid and other incidents), it is in the interest of the country that Bajrang Dal be banned.

To the Christian institutions ..

... those accused of forceful conversions:

  • If forceful conversion is indeed what you are indulging in, remember that it is your religion which gets defamed by your act. The innocent nuns and Church-goers are the ones who face the brunt of resentment.
  • More importantly, it is against the law and against your own religion (I am no expert on Christianity, but I am dead sure that no religion preaches forcing people to follow their faith). After all the word "preach" implies that no force is involved.
  • Taking advantage of the people's situation (for example their poverty) and converting them .. well - I am unable to decide whether this is acceptable - for I feel both sides of the debate are equally strong.

... those which closed down for a day in protest against Kandhamal the attacks:

  • Your colleges have students from all religions. How come you did not protest against the bombs going off all over the country? Or against Godhra?
  • By only protesting against Kandhamal, you have made yourself as guilty of disturbing the religious harmony of the country as the perpetrators of the crimes themselves (not to mention that your act reeks of hypocrisy).
  • Christianity (just like any other religion) places as much importance on humanity as on religion. Keep that (and the fact that you have students and staff from all religions) in mind before going communal next time around.

I have nothing to say to the Islamic extremists, particularly Indian Mujahiddeen. After all, what could I possibly say, except re-iterate the opinions put forth by hundreds of moderate Muslims time and again: that terrorism is as un-Islamic as it could possibly get ?? I know LOTS of Muslims personally, many of them very religious. NEVER have I come across any of them harboring any form of ill-feelings towards people of any other religion. They all believe as much in live-and-let-live as any of us.

To all of us everyday Indians - let us all join hands to defeat the nefarious intentions of the various extreme right-wing organizations - which exist in the names of all religions. Let us all resolve to do everything we can to see to it that religious harmony is maintained - and to prove that it is possible (and pretty easy) to follow our respective faiths, at the same time uphold the Constitution.


3 comments to A Letter to the "Religious Trouble-Mongers"

  • You just wrote this ..!!? I am the first to read in that case.

    Wonderfull writing. I realy wonder how the hell can they go to an extent like that.

  • Very nice article Boxer... y don't u join journalism???

  • Kiran,

    Gosh! You have produced a gem :) Amazing, you have packed so much punch in such a small post. I would have written 3 pages!

    You are maturing as a blogger... Way to go, buddy :)

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