Monkeys Learn From Their Mistakes Too ...

... According to this article.

How I wish the following categories of people had inherited this trait from their ancestors:

  • Leaders (this includes politicians, Governments – even kingdoms that have gone by)

  • George Bush (He deserves special mention because he is a class apart. And in the context of this post, he is relevant in more ways than one)

  • SreeSanths (well – that's not one person, that's a species which includes the likes of Anu Malik, Bhajji et. al.).

  • Auto Drivers

  • Last, but not the least, those omnipresent species which we all have to deal with at work, and who exist at all levels ... bosses, co-workers or subordinates (like dude in this post, for example).

2 comments to Monkeys Learn From Their Mistakes Too ...

  • im sorry..all i can think is "aww..monkeys arent they the best creatires in this world" !

    Guess i missed the point of this post!

  • @Pavi: I din't mean any offense to monkeys in this post :). Guess that clarifies who the offense was targeted at :D

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