N. Korea, Nuclear Tensions and the Policemen of the World

When India conducted her nuclear tests at Pokhran back in the late 90's, the US promptly imposed sanctions on India. At that time I had despised US for doing so. My thoughts were roughly: "What do they think of themselves? Are they the policemen of the world?And what's this hypocrisy? Let them dismantle their nukes first, then they have the moral right to tell us to do so"

I felt the same about NPT (Nuclear non-proliferation treaty).

However, when N.Korea conducted two nuclear tests within a span of a few months, I had to revise my thoughts. Although it does appear that Obama envisions the world completely disarmed of its nuclear weapons in the near or far future, I am not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I don't know whether I am making any sense, but I am jotting down the various random bullet-points that come to my mind in connection with this issue:

  • With rogue states like N.Korea around, it is never safe for the (seemingly) gentleman states to get rid of their nuclear arsenal. Who knows how many other Commie or military states are stocking up on their nukes.

  • Pakistan has nuclear arsenal. While the country is not a rogue-state in itself, the extremists and religious fanatics are taking control over large swathes. Who knows how soon they will have the N-button at their fingertips?

  • Who knows what seemingly harmless Governments like Myanmar (if you can call it a Govt that is!) are stashing underground.

  • And hey - even the gentleman states dont completely trust each other - do they? How can they be trusted to completely (I emphasize on the "completely") dismantle all their nuclear weapons?

  • Finally, even in the almost-impossible event that all the nuclear weapons which currently exist in the world are dismantled - how difficult will it be for any of the current nuclear powers to re-create the weapon? Remember, only the weapons are being destroyed - not the technology. And nuclear fuel will still be available, ostensibly for power generation!

It's a hopeless situation really. Nuclear proliferation or not .. nuclear disarmament is not going to happen anytime soon. Obama's vision may remain but a dream.

5 comments to N. Korea, Nuclear Tensions and the Policemen of the World

  • i u'stand none of this..but all i want is a peaceful world! Sigh!

    n ur rite..no one is getting rid of nuclear weapons n stuff anytime in the near future!

  • On an issue like this ,opinions will be very different.I only one aspect..if nukes are good for US they are good for any country in the world.Who are we to decide and lable a country a rouge state?In case of a conflict,each has to protect each one's interest.And that is the reality and how it should be.

  • @Pavi: I am normally not a pessimist .. but in this matter - I simply don't see any hope .. not at least in the near future.

    @BK Chowla: Sir, I think you put a good point there - who are we to label some country as a rogue state? If US or India "need" nukes, then why not N.Korea?

    But the difference I think is with US/India or other supposedly "sane" states, the nukes will never be misused. Even though our leaders are all a pathetic bunch, I don't think they are fanatic.

    This is in stark contrast to Pakistan (not yet, but maybe in the future) or N.Korea. I personally feel the danger of the nukes falling in the "wrong" hands is more pronounced in these states. That is what worries me.

    Add to that, today's news that Pakistan has 60 nuclear war-heads pointed towards India!

  • So whats your solution to this problem?

  • @Di: Sadly, I don't think there exists a solution to this problem.

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