An Ode (??) to Negative Inflation

  • The price of tur-dal has shot up over Rs 77/kg. But hey, the inflation is negative
  • A fuel price hike, probably the largest ever in Indian history, was effected couple of days back. Parking rates are ridiculous. But, don't you know the inflation is negative?
  • The world is in recession, salaries are being slashed, people are losing jobs. Hey, don't you ever listen? I'm telling you, inflation is negative.
  • Eating and cooking, fruits, milk and vegetables are now more expensive than ever before. But, don't you worry – inflation is negative.
  • Commuting to and from work is now pinching – no, tearing apart – your pocket. Buddy, would you like to join the merriment? Inflation is negative, you see.
  • Education is no longer affordable to even the middle class. You know what? The inflation is negative.
  • They say real estate prices have come down – that holds ONLY if you are selling or renting out. If you are buying or renting a house yourself, prices are still around Mount K2 or Mount Everest levels. Don't you believe all that bullshit. Inflation is negative.

Come, lets all join hands and celebrate this wonderful achievement! The inflation is negative.

3 comments to An Ode (??) to Negative Inflation

  • Very well said.I agree with you absolutely.You may like to read my post WISH LIST.That is exactly what I have been saying..Iwant the Govt to tell us about MEHANGAI and not inflation.I want to know the price of Wheat-Bajra-Cooking oil-Standard vegetables.They think we are fools and we are only helping them to prove it.Read my post WISH LIST

  • ‘coz im not updated on current affairs…I donno who claims that the inflation is negative?..But though I don’t u’stand the context/background completely I u’stand the sarcasm in the post.

    Yester I was told the price of milk has increased in 4 Rs… how are ppl going to be able to afford it? Its ridiculous..the hike in prices of pretty much everything!

  • @BK Chowla: "They think we are fools and we are only helping them prove it" - totally agree.

    I have read your post Wish-List and commented also. I agree with each and every wish in that list!

    @Pavi: The Indian Govt is claiming that we're now in deflation and is leaving no stone unturned to pat themselves on their backs for this. They conveniently forget that the index they are using to calculate inflation does not take into account the everyday items consumed by the aam-aadmi.

    And you're right - of well-to-do middle class is struggling to make ends meet with all these hikes - one can only imagine the state of the poor!

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