My Friend Lai, a Cancer-Fighter

My close friend, Lai, has been diagnosed with nose cancer. When I came to know about this, my mind was a swirl of emotions. I did not even know what to think. But, I read his blog completely; and once I did that, I started seeing Lai and this whole matter in a new light altogether.

One – Lai refuses to be bogged down by self-pity. What's the point of being sorry for oneself? He has decided that he's going to fight the cancer. That's remarkable – in a world which is hell-bent on making patients sorry for themselves; where more people lose their lives to the loss of hope rather than to their root suffering itself!

Two – Lai has turned this situation into a source of hope. He wants to motivate other cancer patients like himself – to fight; to survive. To quote him “Cancer is a new beginning – not an ending”! This is now the main purpose of his blog.

Now; I can not even imagine what I'd do had I been in his situation. Its very easy for me to sit here and throw in an opinion that one should be strong, one should fight, one should not give in .. blah blah. But the real impact will only be known to one who is actually the patient.

However, Lai's blog proves that hope and the will to fight are the most indispensable companions of a patient. After seeing the situation from his point of view; I now feel that I can encourage anybody to fight their diseases, their suffering rather than throw in the towel. I now view Lai as an embodiment of hope for cancer patients – the world over.


I have now decided that:

  • I will never feel sorry or sad for a cancer patient in the future – no-one's going to gain anything from it.
  • I will do all it takes to spread Lai's message, his blog, his determination, so that it reaches other cancer patients.

I request you to do the same. The larger the number of cancer patients who find the hope, the motivation and the strength to survive from this initiative – the larger would be our bit in helping Lai. You can also contact him through various channels – details are over at his blog.

I'm now a proud friend of a proud cancer patient.

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  • He says in his blog that this gives him 50% chance of survival. I am sure his determination will yield him his life.

  • Nice post :) - goes well with the theme of your blog - may God be with your pal - I am sure what PC says would hold true - determination n perseverance work miracles in life!

  • If you believe in miracles,I do,let your friend contact one Mr Sathpathy at Sai Mandir at lodi road,Delhi.Mr Sathpathy is an IPS officer.It might help if you contact him.

  • I think it is a very brave stand that your friend has taken.

    And more than a brave stand, it is a logical stand. Rather than being blown away by emotion, he has become an inspiration for other Cancer victims.

    I am sure he'll make it through.

  • Have come across a lot many cancer patients during my training and practice. Most of them give up hope and i don't blame them.But there are a few,like Lai who seem undettered.It is a very,very brave thing to do.Hats off!!

  • @All:, thanks for your words of support for Lai. Please do spread the word - if you know any cancer patients .. or if you know any doctors. We want as many patients as possible to follow in Lai's footsteps.

    @PC, @Ashish: You said it!

    @BK Chowla: I will definitely pass on that piece of information to Lai. Thanks!

    @Mainak: You are right - its a logical step too - like I mentioned - what's one going to achieve by immersing oneself in sorrow and self-pity?

    @Bambi: Rightly said. By the way, I think you might be in a good position to spread Lai's message of determination and hope! Counting on your support.

  • Thanks for bringing this issue to your blog!
    Nice post!

    My best wishes to Lai!

  • i had a friend too who succumed to cancer. its a killer, i have seen him change from a completely healthy person to a skinny one days before he died.

    it was a terrifying sight at first, but then you realise that this is all that life is all about. you are born, live and die. that's the truth of life.

    and that realisation brings about a big change in your life. hope and wish your friend will win this fight with cancer.

  • Wishing Lai plenty of hope and luck. May he continue having the hope and courage that he has!

    Have u read Lance Armstrong's books? if not u MUST and u shld ask Lai also to read them. it is VERy VERy inspiring and is rgdg the same subject.

  • Anonymous

    I have friends and family who have survived cancer. I agree they do not deserve pity, they deserve whatever support we can give.

    My aunt who did die of Leukemia lived for ten years to see her children grow, and doctors said it was all her spirit and will to live. My heart felt wishes are with your friend, I am confident that the will to live works miracles, and will work miracles here.

  • @JSincro: Thanks!

    @Philip: Yes you're right - thats the truth of life. People think that this kind of situation makes one philosophical .. but at the end of the day - its the truth.

    @Pavi: Lance Armstrong? as in the cycling champion? I did not know that he has written this kind of inspirational books - but thanks for bringing it to my notice. Its on my to-read list now.

    @indianhomemaker: 10 years? that's definitely encouraging!

  • @kiran: YES, the cycling champion. here is the wiki link about him

    n i urge you and specially lai to grab this book and read it ASAP!I'm sure he will be more motivated the fight the battle once hes read it.

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