Viral Fever ke Side Effects

Viral Fever ka Side Effect 1: H1N1 fear grips you :)

.. like the guy who was just before me in the line at the hospital. He mentioned the s-flu word to the doc and got a mild scolding from the doc for believing the the media hype!

Viral Fever ka Side Effect 2: Unread count bloat!

Hmm .. lets see – unread tweets: 150 – that's easy to clear. Google Reader unread blog count: 350! Now you know why I have not been commenting on your blogs of late!

Viral Fever ka Side Effect 3: Ruined Weekend

A packed Independence Day weekend goes waste – in bed. And you start wondering why you always fall sick on weekends. Why not on weekdays when you can skip work for a couple of days?

Viral Fever ka Side Effect 4: A book completed.

Well – you dont feel like watching TV, you dont want to switch on the laptop; but then you want to avoid rusting. So what do you do? You complete that book you've been reading slowly forever now. You read more in 4 days than you've read in the whole month before this :) (stay tuned for a book review)

5 comments to Viral Fever ke Side Effects

  • what better thing to do then reading novel when you are sick. I am shocked seeing the number of unread blogs and the tweets. I envy you for being more active then I am ... :)

    I feel sorry for you for having such a miserable independence day weekend. Not that I had a good one here... but watched the live steaming of flag hoisting and sang the national anthem for my great nation.

  • I'm glad that you seem to be feeling better, and I guess in the next few days you will manage to clear away your backlog. :)

    But you must've enjoyed reading. Right?

    Have fun!

  • I would not waste my long week-end for anything

  • @PC: Right now I think you should not be envious of me .. imagine how long it'l take me to clear all the backlog!

    You sang the national anthem? Its my turn to be envious now. I must have slept 22 of those 24 hours!

    @Sumit: You bet I enjoyed the reading part. I'm wondering if it was actually a blessing in disguise :D

    @BKChowla: Yes - really feels terrible to just while away an entire weekend just like that!

  • Am confused. Hope you are doing allright.

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