55-er: Small Problem, Big Problem

This signal's so crowded even at 9pm”
Must be pathetic during peak hour”
Thank God I use public transport. Don't know how I'd cope with driving through this mess”
BTW, I'm a shopkeeper on my way to a friend's wedding”
[Expectant Pause]
And I'm a city bus driver going home from work.


We always consider ourselves to be neck-deep in trouble.  And think we're the most unfortunate souls. Until we across someone who's in it all the way up to the forehead. What say?

This post draws inspiration from an old ad-film that used to be aired on TV some 5-6 years back. It was issued by the National Association for the Blind. It was about a man walking down the stairs in a building when there is a power cut. The man bumps into another man and starts cribbing about the darkness. Only when they reach outside does the first fellow realise that the man he bumped into is blind.

I couldn't find the video anywhere online. If you do, please let me know.

5 comments to 55-er: Small Problem, Big Problem

  • Superb. Yes I remember the AD you have mentioned.
    You might be able to get a copy from DD or NDTV---its worth trying

  • Wow, Kiran. I loved this one. You seem to be getting better and better with these 55-ers day by day ;-). Keep it up!

  • I agree with Di!

    These short n sweet posts r awesome!

  • Hey, i loved this concept... 55ers. Really amazing how so little words can make such an impact.

  • @BKChowla: I wrote to NAB, as well as to Zee (I remember seeing that ad on ZeeEnglish channel). No response. I guess I'l try mailing the other channels too. I am desperate to watch that ad again!

    @Di, @JSincro, @Sharvani: Thanks! You know peer encouragement can do wonders to a blogger's confidence :)

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