Flood Relief, Statues and More

The current flood situation in Andhra Pradesh, the worst in over a century, have caused damage to the tune of Rs. 12 Thousand Crore; according to the Andhra Pradesh government (news link here). The state government has sought immediate assistance of Rs. 6 thousand crore from the centre.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in India, Mayawati intends to spend a whopping Rs. 2600 crore on statues and other structures in honor of various leaders in UP. And then, while reading another article, I came to know that there are plans to build a statue of Shivaji in Mumbai at a cost of Rs. 350 crore.

There – I have already provided the source for 50% of the flood relief budget – and we're just done with statues and just two states. Need I say anything more?

Oh yes – I do. What would Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar or Chhatrapati Shivaji themselves prefer in such a situation? That some lunatics build their statues when lakhs of people are homeless? Or divert the funds to help the needy?

Any answers, honorable politicians of my country?

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  • This thought keeps coming to my mind..on countless occasions ..about how money is wasted when it could be put to such good use. About how one feels like a 1 lac saree or other such obscene luxuries when there are millions of ppl homeless n w/o a meal. Its sad!

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