Taking advantage

Specimen A: A bully who takes undue advantage of his muscle to get his way.

Specimen B: A woman who takes undue advantage of her feminine charm in order to get her way (at work where she works her charm on the boss; in queues where the guy who's manning it considers it “good manners” to allow the girl to break the queue; at the signal she just broke where she “convinces” the cop to let her go with a milder fine; and just about everywhere).

We all detest Specimen A; without exception. But how is Specimen B different from Specimen A? At the end of the day, both are being manipulative and using what they consider their most valuable asset (or effective weapon depending, on how you look at it) to get what they want.


2 comments to Taking advantage

  • Well, the difference is that you have more of a choice letting B have their way. It's more of a compulion in A's case.

  • @Mihir: Really? Do you really have a choice? Can you resist feminine charm :P

    Ok - seriously - Yes you are right. But the "Bully" was just an example. I was referring to people taking unfair advantage of some factor or other to have their way.

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