A CM and Alzheimer's

Scene 1
Shibu Soren takes the support of BJP to form a Govt in Jharkhand, of which he is the CM.

Scene 2
BJP moves a cut motion against the UPA Govt in the Parliament. Shibu Soren votes against the cut motion, leaving BJP red-faced and showing how clearly [edited undivided] divided the opposition is.

Scene 3 (The “clincher”)
An aide of Shibu Soren says “Guruji is suffering from Alzheimers' and did not know what he was doing”. Yes, you read that right. Rub your eyes, squint at your monitor, re-open the website or read it after having 2 helpings of your favourite beverage and you're still going to read the same thing. Alzheimer's.

So, here is a Chief Minister of a state of India, serving a population of 2 crore plus; and he has Alzheimer's? He doesn't even know what he's doing, who he is voting for or against in a parliamentary motion? That's either the scariest thing next to the movie “Exorcist”; or it's the most scoff-worthy piece of crap.

Seems to be the season of ridiculous excuses (with this one being not even a day old). Kasab must be rubbing his hands in glee. I can envisage him saying:

I was drunk when I was shooting away at CST, but more importantly, I have Alzheimer's so I don't even remember the shooting. Or the drinking”.

Such it goes.

2 comments to A CM and Alzheimer's

  • One question remains unanswered. Why the hell cant Congress and BJP decide not to support him and dont take his support irrespective of consequences.
    Both the parties are shameless.

  • Anonymous

    Trance (Mithyanand), being drunk and now Alzheimer's. What next?

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