Short Story: Blame the Alcohol


You won't believe what happened. The other day, I was drunk and my wife was too. We got into a heated argument. In a fit of rage, I fetched the knife from the kitchen and dug it deep into her abdomen. She bled to death.

Now, how is that my fault? I wasn't even aware what the consequences would be. But the courts wouldn't listen. First, the District Court, then the High Court. They both termed it as MURDER!!

Glad that finally the Supreme Court had the sense and saw it all from my point of view. It realised that I was drunk and had no control over proceedings. You know, they aren't treating my case as murder. How cool is that?

Okay, I'm off. First, I'll go on a drinking binge. And then, I'll commit more crimes under the influence. I'll loot, plunder, shoot, kill, rape, betray. I cannot be blamed for those, can I? It's the damn alcohol.


Disclaimer: This article has NO relation whatsoever to this news item. I wouldn't dare to counter the Supreme Court's views now, would I?

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  • Anonymous

    Shocking. How can we give such convenient excuses to criminals? ... in fact a huge number of crimes happen under the influence of alcohol.

  • alchohol-worst....!

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