This is What Real "Sports News" Should Be

What have been the sporting achievements of Indians during the past month and a half?

  • Saina Nehwal broke into the top 5 of world badminton rankings. She became the first Indian woman to do so. She was also a semi-finalist at the Badminton Asia championship held in India. 
  • Pankaj Advani created history by becoming the first cueist ever to score a hat-trick of Asian billiard titles when he won the title for the third time at Singapore.
  • Then, there was a group of archers from a backward region in Gujarat, who attended the National archery championships in Guwahati. Yes, this is an achievement considering they had to sell off their ancestral properties in order to pay the airfare.

Well, I think I need to stop here. Because, as far as I can tell, these achievements and news items are irrelevant. People couldn't care less. We, as a great sporting nation, have more pressing matters at hand. Sania getting married to Shoaib. And, then, the question about who funded what team in IPL and where the money came from.

Long Live Indian Sports. And Long Live our dream of getting double digit medals in Olympics (for I'm sure this will remain a dream).

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