3 Jobs I'd Give a Limb For

We all have our own “dream jobs”. Now here's my list of three that I'd give a limb for.

Ian Wright's in GlobeTrekker
Who wouldn't want to tour the world and get paid for it? Although I think that to do this job role any semblance of justice, I'd have to become a lot less particular about my food habits (read: give up vegetarianism!) There are so many places on this earth where you cannot survive without eating meat – aren't there?
An interesting tid-bit I read somewhere: Ian Wright is a vegetarian – except for the show :)

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May in Top Gear.
They get to drive every car that we lesser mortals can only drool over. They get to drive on the best roads in the world. They get to be part of crazy experiments. And of course, they get a paycheck at the end of it all!

Imagine a job which combines the above two – you get to tour the world, driving some of the most desirable cars along the way. Now that'd be heaven, wouldn't it?

Cameraman for Discovery/NGC
I think this would be the most challenging of all. I just wonder what the cameramen go through when they shoot all those mind-blowing scenes – especially wildlife and nature sequences (like volcanoes). Let me also take this opportunity to doff my hat to them!

What's your dream job?

7 comments to 3 Jobs I'd Give a Limb For

  • Hey Kiran, Nice article. Coincidentally I was flipping through Rashmi Bansal's "Connect the Dots" today evening trying to mentally make my own list of "dream" jobs :-). So here it goes:

    1. Vir Sanghvi on "A Matter of Taste with Vir Sanghvi" @Discovery Travel & Living

    Who wouldn't like a show that's customized for you and has your own name in the title ? You get to travel every episode, meet new interesting people and eat some of the best cuisines from India. Mr. Sanghvi, could I be in your shoes for atleast a day ;-)?

    2. Seema Rahmani on "Heavy Petting" @NDTV Good Times

    I love pets of all sorts and to get paid to spend time playing with them is like a dream come true!

  • Absolutely.... Touring the world driving the best cars... End of day u get paychecks ...heaven. U know I am a pure non-vegetarian :)

  • I like ur list Kiran!
    Would love to do that for a day of my life each!
    But my dream job would be off the camera- I want to be a Film Director- you get to make one whole world in 2 hours, you give birth to the characters, decide how they will behave, you create circumstances and make them live them- they laugh, they cry, they fall in love- and it's you who decides!!it's like being God! :-)

  • Nice article..and yep sometimes you do envy them.They get paid for what they love to do :-)

  • Nice one Kiran... :) It would be sooo nice na to roam around the world.... And have seen some of the Top gear episodes... God!!! They really enjoy themselves soooo much...

  • Anonymous

    Nice list, but do not give your limb for any of these,, else they may become difficult to hang on to (no pun intended). Just kidding!:-)

  • The thrill of every new job lasts only the initial few months even the so coined "dream job". It may not be as glamorous as imagined. You get disenchanted along the way and it eventually turns into just another JOB.

    Gosh! I sound like one frustrated and disgruntled fella.....which i might be:D:D

    And yes, I love the aforementioned shows..one of the best things to happen to television.:)

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