55er: VIP Visit - Hope Extinguisher

The storm caught her unawares. She suddenly found herself among debris, pain searing through her body.
She managed to call emergency. They immediately dispatched a rescue team.
Alas! Traffic diversions for a VIP's visit meant they lost vital time.
She was alive when they reached her; But she breathed her last en-route to the hospital.


Read this news item from today's ToI. Pay special attention to this para:
Fire brigade vehicles and the rescue squad were stranded in a jam, with traffic cops making way for VIP vehicles to pass through to Palace Grounds, to attend the marriage of a politician’s son.”

3 comments to 55er: VIP Visit - Hope Extinguisher

  • Last year almost a similar incident took place in Chandigarh when a VIP was in the hospital and the patient's van was not allowed from a particular gate.
    It was too late.
    VIP sent regret letter to the family.

  • Nice interpretation!

  • Yep,common folks are always ;eft in the lurch...

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