Army - Caught in the Line of Fire

In the past few months, we’ve been reading a lot about Kashmir and how the so-called draconian AFSPA is to blame for all of the valley’s troubles. We read about fresh reports of violence every day, more deaths every day. For the first time in decades, all of Kashmir was placed under curfew a few days back.

The Indian Army was caught in the line of fire. Everyone from separatists to the CM of J&K laid the blame squarely on the Indian Army’s shoulders. What everyone conveniently chose to ignore was the fact that the Army was not directly responsible for even a single death in Kashmir during the past few months. The bullets were all fired by J&K police or by the battalions of CRPF!

M.J.Akbar's article in this Sunday’s ToI (reproduced on his blog - link here) helped in reinforcing my stand. Do read this article to get a crystal-clear context of the state in Kashmir. The cacophony against the Army is clearly a ploy to get the only force capable of holding the valley together, out of there; thus allowing Pak-controlled elements a free run. There are a few unanswered questions though:
  1. Why is Omar Abdullah joining the tirade against the Army? Is it just a survival tactic or is there more to it?
  2. What made the GoI to sit on the simmering cauldron for so long before calling for an all-party meet?
There may be a few bad elements in the Army, and there may be ill-treatment of the locals. This should not be allowed to continue. However, meddling with the affairs of the Army in Kashmir is a bad idea given the current situation and how Pakistan and extremists are raring to go. I believe the Army needs to stay - for they are the only ones capable of upholding the integrity of the region, and thus the nation.

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  • Omar being the from the "young" brigade never connected with the ground reality.He is singularity responsible for the bloody mess, which now has RG's support.
    Govt at the centre is clueless, weak leadership.

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