Who's the Bigger Killer?

Check out this headline at ToI [link] which screams “Forces bigger killers than terrorists”. This is in reference to Kashmir valley. According to ToI, since five civilians fall prey to forces' bullets for every two that are slain by terrorists, that automatically makes the forces the bigger killers.

Dear dimwits @ ToI, I wonder whether the following questions so much as even crossed your mind:

  • What is the difference between the “civilians” killed by security forces and those killed by the separatists?
  • Why are armed forces left with no choice but to fire at crowds? (Hint: the answer involves the terms “stone”, “violence” and “danger to innocents” in no particular order)
  • If the “civilians” killed by men in uniform, are instigated to resort to violence by the terrorists, ultimately who shoulders the blame for the death?

Of course, exploring non-lethal ways of controlling crowds is a step in the right direction. That still doesn't explain why ToI has to make this heading look more like Hurriyat propaganda than a news item.

Any answers, “respected” ToI?

1 comment to Who's the Bigger Killer?

  • The answer lies in learning a lesson from the Chinese.Why are we so critical of the forces?Isnt it their job to enforce law?

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