Help Ladakh: Photo Exhibition in Bangalore

This July, I had been on an almost heavenly journey to Ladakh [see the end of this post for details on the travelog]. Less than 2 weeks after I returned from there, tragedy struck this paradise. Cloudbursts and flash floods devastated the region, leading to massive losses of life and livelihood.

As anybody who has visited Ladakh will tell you – it is impossible to get the experience out of your psyche. The massive scale of everything that makes up the terrain (mountains, lakes, valleys) which make you feel insignificant; the simplistic culture and lifestyle of the very affable populace; the feeling of being one with nature and being lost. That's the kind of emotional connect that you develop with this place.

The natural calamity no doubt gave sleepless nights to whoever has visited Ladakh, myself included. I wanted to do something about it, but did not know in what way I could contribute. I kept asking myself hazaar questions. Should I donate? Should I volunteer? How? How much?

The answer presented itself in the form of the “Glimpses From Ladakh” photo exhibition [link]. This is being organized by PhotograhpyOnTheMove and 1 Shanthi Road. The theme is simple – you submit snaps that you clicked of Ladakh, and they shortlist some of these photos. The short listed ones will be exhibited; and the proceeds from the exhibition will go towards rehabilitation work in Ladakh.

I submitted 5 of the photos that I had clicked, and one of them has been shortlisted. The thumbnails of all the shortlisted snaps can be seen here. Mine is the 21st snap from top (it is also available at my Flickr photostream here ). The exhibition will be held at the design studio, 1 Shanthi Road in Bangalore. It will run from 17th to 26th September; 11 a.m to 8 p.m. Please do spread the word, especially to Bangalore-based people, to ensure that people attend in large numbers and make this event a success.

Event Details
What: Glimpses From Ladakh Photo Exhibition
Where: 1, Shanthi Road [Address Details Link]
When: 17th to 26th September
More details: Facebook Page. Also, check the Facebook Event link for RSVP.


There are few other avenues to help/donate towards this cause. While looking for ways to do so, I came across the following:

  • Save The Children: Allows you to donate in denominations of 2.5, 5, 10 or 20 thousand rupees, which will all go towards helping the affected children.
  • RESET: Allows online donation in Euros. Details of projects are available on the web page.
  • LeDeG: Stands for Ladakh ecological Development Group. This is the organization through which the proceeds of the photo exhibition will be channeled. You can also donate to them directly.
  • SOS Ladakh: This is a campaign being run by NDTV. They provide a bank account number of The Hope Trust through which donations are accepted. I did not find much info on what work is being carried out etc.


Over the weeks since I returned from Ladakh, I have penned down the travelog on my travel blog . Here is the link to my picasa web album. I have recounted by experience over a 4-part series. Here is a snippet from my Part 1.

In Ladakhi language, “La” means pass and “Dakh” means land. Ladakh, thus, means land of passes. It is easy to see why. There's hardly any 2 places in Ladakh that don't have a pass between them! But Ladakh is much more than just that.

Ladakh is a land of seemingly never-ending valleys, punctuated with streams and rivers, and the patches of greenery they bring about.
Ladakh is a land of snow-capped mountain peaks, mountains which are often completely barren.
Ladakh is a land of yaks and ibex, wild asses and horses, marmots and double humped camels, of migratory birds.
Ladakh is a land of lakes that seem to change colour and shade according to their mood.
Ladakh is a land of deserts and pastures, of nomads and tourists, of Gompas and monks.
Ladakh is the ultimate get-away destination, a magical land sure to linger in your psyche long after you've returned to your normal life.

For the complete travelog, visit my travel blog. In particular, here is how the travelog has been split

  • Bangalore-Delhi.
  • Delhi-Leh.
  • In and around Leh.

  • 2-day trip: Leh-Pangong lake and back
  • 2-day trip: Leh-Nubra valley and back

  • Leh-TsoMoriri lake
  • TsoMoriri-TsoKar lake
  • TsoKar – Keylong

  • Keylong-Manali
  • Manali sight-seeing
  • Manali-Delhi-Bangalore.

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