Indian Media, Pigeons and Terror

Who were the most deeply scarred by the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai? Politicians? Aam Aadmi? Security Forces? Mumbaikars? All of India?

India TV added one more to the list – pigeons.

Original youtube link here.

You never know when youtube videos suddenly become “no longer available” - so let me also put into words, what this video is trying to say. This minute-and-a-half clip shows a video grab of a news item shown on India TV in the immediate aftermath of the 26/11 attacks. The reporter is making a complete fool of himself in his attempt to draw the attention of the nation to the plight of the pigeons who had made the Taj their home (and who were supposedly the “pride of the Taj”, according to IndiaTV). There are several melodramatic phrases used by the reporter (which I'd rather not translate).

This clip is too stupid to even warrant a comment. All I want to say is – guys @ India TV – please see this news item and look back at what exactly you were trying to prove by airing this clip (at a time when one billion people were terrorized; and awaiting news of their near and dear ones in Mumbai, hoping the terrorists had been captured, praying that the victim count had stopped rising)

Cheers to the might Indian Mainstream Media!


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14 comments to Indian Media, Pigeons and Terror

  • Why am i not surprised?
    Classic eg. of indian media going downhill. What a load of crap... my best guess is that they were trying to making use of symbolism, Pigeon with an olive branch being the symbol of peace, but there's a time and place to experiment like this! This is a bag full of 'pigeon shit'.

  • Kiran,I am not surprised.Media has stooped down to the lowest level.I get a feeling that gradually media is being given a brief as to WHAT NOT to telecast and hence this muck.Should they not use this time slot to show how are the people suffering due to inflation,should they not show that even today Mumbai police is managing with LATHEES and VIP security has the latest weapons?Should you andme not be telling these channels that we will boycott them for next 15 days if senseless news is telecast?This sentence that remote in your hand has become too outdated

  • LOL!

    The comments by different viewers on youtube is hilarious!

    Just check out how many times he says " Kabutar! Lol!

    Senseless Bullshit! Guess they wanted to do something different, attract attention of the people to an issue covered by none other than Kabutar Tv!

  • No fault of India TV and their reporters, when NDTV and its reporter(s) can do much more :-).
    You must be getting what I am hinting at.

  • Sharmila

    This is really funny... There needs to be some kind of filter system for such clips.... His description of the different pigeons was hilarious...

  • @Sharvani: Ya I think its an attempt at symbolism gone horribly wrong. LOL .. bagful of pigeon shit indeed :D

    @BK Chowla:I agree with everything you mentioned in the comment - the point that media could put this slot to an infinitely better use .. to the point about the same old cliched phrases (remote in hand etc.) God save the viewers.

    @JSincro: Thanks for pointing me to the comments - had not observed those! My fav was the comment where the guy says "reporter ko bhi gin liya kya" LOL

    @Deepak: Oh yes sir .. I get your hint ;)

    @DSharmila: Ya .. I must have watched this clip a dozen times now .. the description of the pigeons has me in splits every time. And hey - why "filter" them out? they'l sell well as comedy clips!

  • Anonymous

    Gosh! Hadn't seen this before! They only want something to keep their channel alive 24x7 :( Sad but true!

    BTW, that initiative 'Let's Clean Bengaluru' is a gud one!

  • Lets mourn the death of hindi news channels.

    Sad and pathetic.

    Great blog by the way, loved your tag line.


  • @thesongoflife: Welcome to this blog! Yes - you're right.. they just want to keep it alive 24/7 - and even then this particular item was in bad taste!

    Lets Clean Bengaluru - ya definitely a good initiative - we need more of these.

    @IndianPundit: You said it! "Death of Hindi news channels" indeed.

    Glad you liked this blog. Thanks! And do keep visiting.

  • LOL :-) News has become a joke. Or has it become a pain in the - you know where...
    Read this funny strip about the premier anchors of prominent news channels

  • Hi Kiran,

    These channels exist becuase there are people who watch them. The media is often reflective of the kind of people we are. But got to say India TV has got to be the worst. I remember them asking one of the terrorist who called them whether he is eaten anything or not

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  • i can't see the video 'coz im at work!

    but these people have pea-sized brains agn! Really how is it HUMANLY possible to act so stupid?

    n im thinking mabbe 'coz they can't be "intelligent" n increae TRP...they are resoirting to this mechanism? PLS! tell me yes!

  • @abhi: That noiseofindia was hilarious .. couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes!

    @Pavi: You're right - thats exactly what it is. They are resorting to this since they have no intelligence; and yet they want to have the biggest share of the pie.

  • Weird, stupid, crap... yes. But I guess India TV knows what they are showing... and they know it works!

    AFAIK, India TV's got awesome TRPs. And I believe their TG is not the urban, intellectual folks who write, read and comment on blogs.

    The folks at India TV aren't the kurta-journos and they don't even claim to be. They're just running a business. Nothing wrong with that.

    You know, if I were managing a brand like Ghadi detergent or something, I would definitely advertise on India TV :)

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