Wake Up Sid: Movie Review and some Introspection

Just watched “Wake Up Sid” today. Really liked the movie. I'll keep the review short in order to concentrate on the introspection (rather, interpretation).

The Movie

Wake Up Sid” is about two people who appear to be poles apart. Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) is the son of a rich businessman in Mumbai. In the beginning he seems to be a happy-go-lucky guy, but you soon realize that this is at a much higher level – he's completely irresponsible, is a failure at college, and cannot even stick to the job his dad offers him at their business for more than a week. Aisha (Konkona Sen), on the other hand, is a mature, independent-minded lady who has come to Mumbai from Kolkata with a goal in mind.

The movie is about the friendship between these two; but does it eventually turn into love? Let me leave the story at that to avoid spoilers .. uh . .am I too late? :)

What I liked

... about the movie is the fresh approach to a not-so-different story. The story and the main characters have been handled in a way that made me identify with them. I kept comparing myself with Sid first and with Aisha next (c'mon .. comparison is inevitable), trying to decide in what way I am better than each; and what I would like to learn from each. Acting is good; and I fell in love with Konkona all over again(*blush*) :D To top it all, there's no unnecessary kissing scenes and the sex quotient of the movie is like zero (Just for the record: I'm not against kissing or love-making scenes in movies .. just that now-a-days there's overkill and these are used even when not relevant thus diluting the main theme of the movies!)


When I was watching the first half, I spent the entire time just enjoying the movie. The college life, the small moments of comedy. Only during the second half did I realize that the movie is trying to put across a point. Although the contrast between the characters is brought out very well, I felt that each character had some elements of the other. For example, I felt in some scenes that Sid demonstrated remarkable maturity. Aisha, on the other hand, sometimes acted like the very baby that she accused Sid of being.

And near the end of the film, it suddenly occurred to me that this film is not really a love story! I actually concluded what exactly the film is trying to impress on me; and I concur with it too. To put it in short, the “Wake Up Sid” is telling me “Everyone needs to change and become mature as time goes by, everyone needs to have a goal in life and all that; but one also needs to slow down every now and then to take in the simple pleasures of life, to become an irresponsible and care-free baby again!” Cheers to that thought.

8 comments to Wake Up Sid: Movie Review and some Introspection

  • It is a very refreshing movie.
    Ranbir is making a place for him in the top list.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody has something nice to say about this movie!! I liked the message it gave as explained by you... planning to watch it this week :)

  • I don't watch many Bollywood movies. But I think the movie review would compell me to do so!

  • I'm waiting to see this movies...everyone i know seems to love it!

  • Dude, I completely agree with ur interpretation. Spot on.

  • Nice review man.. I also liked the movie quite a bit. Found it very fresh and enjoyable. It is quite a feel good movie too; and you end up walking out of the movie theatre in a jolly good mood with wide smiles...
    I also liked the way the city of "Bombay" (oops... shud I fear abt MNS now:P) has been shown & of course, the brilliant photograps on display... :D

  • @BK Chowla: Oh yes .. I totally missed out complimenting Ranbir on his performance in my post! Thanks for reminding.

    @indianhomemaker, @Mainak: That's a compliment I say :) Thanks!

    @Pavi: Wait till you watch it :D

    @Kumzz: Hey, I never knew that you read my blogs :) Anyways thanks for the comments.

    @Rakshith: Yep - you're right about the feel-good part. I liked the portrayal of the soul of Bombay too :P. And of course - the brilliant photography and the creatively decorated office!

  • Nice review Kiran.. Thanks for the first para.. you almost finished telling the story. Shall share the blog link with Sonia. May be I will skip this too..... Just to re-confirm. 2+ hrs movie right ? :)

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