Babies For Sale!

Dealing in drugs, liquor, adulterated food, pirated media, porn, flesh is all passe. What's the latest? Dealing in babies. How any human might want to sell her own baby is beyond me.

  • Perhaps it is the poverty?

  • Is it because of too many children? (this opens the topic of awareness about family planning – but that's taking this post off-track)

  • Is it because of the demand for baby BOYS? (so people who have a girl child sells her – which they perceive to be more humane than killing the foetus or the new-born infant; and people who don't have a baby boy are ready to pay for one)

  • Where do childless couples come into the picture?

Whatever the reason, baby trafficking is a HUGE blot on an already blotted society. The fact that it is a booming business speaks volumes about our character and our humanity. What can WE do about this?

Looking forward to a society which treats its children better than mere commodities!

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  • I think it is more to do with poverty and they reach this stage because basic education has been missing .

  • Hi Kiran...
    This is really a social - economical - cultural -et'al issue. It is so sad to comment on these things as I have never thought of doing something.. at least like creating an awareness (like bbc channel) or an sharing knowledge (like NGC - documentary). Anyway, to be frank I am sacred to comment on this :(

    By the way what do you call ITProfessional working onsite - adult trading, or IT-negro?? (sorry floks, currently I am working on-site) I mean trading is common for all .. whether we are kids or adult, as long as either me or 'our' parents () needs money.

  • Starving babies so they will cry and using them for begging, pulling out their eyes or some such physical torture, selling their physical bodies to earn money.. all of this takes a VERY evil mind. i can’t wrap my head around a mind that is capable of such sins. When will we realize that today’s children is tomorrow’s future? That we have a responsibility to provide the best for them?

    I think we have a come a long way from where we were as far as female infanticide goes. A lot of people welcome “girls” these days. But yes, we are not where we must be. N I hope we get there soon !

    About selling children to other parents.. Actually I do think selling[ to someone who u know will take good care of your child ] is more human than killing. You will be shocked to see what poverty and a hungry stomach can make one do. My father has experienced being poor and has told me how tough times were as a child for him. When I picture a family in a worse situation than that[which im sure can be spotted easily in india]. I u’stand that parents have no option but to sell their child , so they can use that money to provide better for their other children n mabbe even for themselves. The hope that that child will have a better life. n in the process make some money to feed themselves. That cant be entirely wrong.

    Of course selling babies to prostitution centers or places where they will make the child work/ beg is definitely not acceptable and is very inhumane.

  • @BKChowla: I think poverty is only one of the reasons. The craving for SONs is another major factor I believe. In any case, basic education is the first step towards solving this.

    @Harish: Yes - trading is common; but you are bartering your skill or your time for money. Not your soul or a baby's lifetime! Ans yes, I do sometimes feel that I am not qualified to comment on such issues since I have done nothing about them!

    @Pavi: I had not thought of it the way you mentioned - but I now see your point. Parents might end up securing the future of the child by selling it off since they cannot afford to look after it anyway!

    You have given a new angle to this matter that has changed my perception of right and wrong!

  • Anonymous

    Parents have no way to know what might become of the babies they are selling. I feel they convince themselves that they would be better off...
    Generally it's girls who are sold, or children are not sold but sent away to work and their income is sent to the parents. I find that outrageous too.
    Once 25-30 boys were found in Bombay, they were being taken to Saudi Arabia for being used for camel races etc. The boys were sold by the parents.

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