Prioritize: That's My Buzzword for 2010

If I have to state my “Resolution for 2010” in one word it'l be Prioritize. But that's not really measurable, is it? Elaboration time.

One: Spend Less time in the Online world...

... and more in the real world.


  • Fewer blog posts (this is my 62nd post for the calendar year 2009 – that's too high don't you think?)

  • Less time on Facebook – no, I'm not one who spends endless hours playing Farmville or Mafia Wars; or taking “What-kind-of-extra-terrestrial-creature-are-you” quizzes. Yet, I think I spend way too much time updating my FB status. So gotta keep a check on that. BTW, did I mention how much I had to shell out for GPRS and for the SMS'es which I use for updating FB from my mobile?

  • More tweets. Twitter is the perfect tool for people who want to voice their opinion but still want to keep it short!

  • More posts on SCSB.


Two: More outdoor activities

  • Travel more

  • Take more photographs (and spend less time processing them :)

Three: Be Healthy, Stay Healthy


  • Be regular in some physical activity like sport/gym/cycling – anything.

Four: Learn more household tasks

Currently I'm only good at washing utensils, or operating the washing machine. This year I want to learn cooking, cleaning, shopping, provisions, grocery – basically contribute more towards running the house!

Five: More dedication to my Social Responsibility

I want to take any one cause (like TeachIndia) and make a more meaningful contribution to it in 2010 than I have been able to do all these years. This is opposed to what I've been doing so far – dipping my fingers in everything and not making a meaningful impact in any!


I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. This point, in conjunction with the five above will ensure I get myself a life in 2010, which is more then just work and a good virtual presence!!

10 comments to Prioritize: That's My Buzzword for 2010

  • Dude, did u mention you are good at washing utensils.. ??? Thats a dangerous revelation to make considering you are aged enough to marry. Watch out.. :))

  • hey Kiran...really well has to give more time to the hobbies..Wait a sec…did everybody know what are their hobby..One must have forgotten their hobbies in face book world…I really don’t remember what is my hobby which I like doing for hours and hours….This blog is really inspiring to discover one’s real happiness in E-world…Nice blog ..

  • Avery happy new year.
    You have covered mostly everything under the sun.

  • Me thinks hope if over-hyped. For hope is denial of the present.
    There is a stamp of reality about the present which the past and future do not have. What makes the present so different?
    Obviously, my presence. I am real for I am always now, in the present, and what is with me now shares in my reality.

  • Work-Life Balance...Yeah! Sure.! Lemme see you live upto that..
    and where is the Getting a Girl in my Life resolution..!!
    You Must...or mayb I'm all unawares...Eh!?

  • Dude, that's nice to hear.. Except for the point 5, others clearly specify that your getting ready for marriage this year ;)

  • Hey Kiran, I completely agree with Points 1 and 3. It's good you realized it coz it was highly irritating to see you updating your FB status even while we were on an outstation-trip :-)!

  • Anonymous

    Motivating, inspiring resolutions!! Made me notice some thins I need to work on too... a better fitness routine for instance! I also hope you do find your cause and are able to work on it... with best wishes for a happy new year :) Have a great, healthier 2010 with lots of fresh air, exercise and sunshine :)

  • @PC, @Kumzz, @Napster: Guyz, guyz .. this is a purely a resolutions post and its got nothing to do with marriage. OK?

    @muks: Yep .. e-world is good but I think I'm over-doing it .. heck . .everyone's over-doing it. And the ones which really serve no purpose are games! I hope I spend more time in the real world this year onwards :)

    @BK Chowla: Not really everything under the sun (see comment one to know what I mean :) .. and a very happy new year to you too.

    @Di: Well, actually I think spending a few minutes online from my phone (for example on the bus) is still better than spending all "home" time online! But yeah - updating FB during the trip was taking it too far :)

    @IHM: Thanks! And yes - I really do want to make a noticeable difference this year. Hope this is not one of those resolutions which end up being broken.

  • You are saying NO, but Marriage seems to be on cards this year dear :-)
    Anyways, weight gain ke liye kya karne wale ho? share that too in a different blog-post, I can get a few free advice :-)

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