2 Seriously WTF News Items of the Day

Imagine a woman, foreign national, in Dubai. She is out for a drink with friends, and on the way home, she is raped by a local. She informs the police. What happens next? SHE faces jail, of course. It's her fault and not the rapist's.

I wonder what happens when a person is murdered in Dubai. Is the dead person given life imprisonment?


Then, there's Iran – one of the most earthquake-prone countries. And what, would you say, is the reason for these frequent tremors? Tectonic plates? Some complex seismic movements in the earth's crust? Well, according to this cleric, it is women who wear revealing clothing and behave promiscuously!!

The lesson learnt – People all over the world, please stay away from beaches, swimming pools and bathrooms. These are the places most likely to be hit by earthquakes.

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