Profession and Respect

Overheard in a bus
Dude1: He should've kept in mind that she is an engineer before being so rude to her.
Dude2: Yeah, he treated her like a housemaid.

What has profession got to do with respectability? For all you know, a driver might be much more honorable than the CEO he is chauffeuring. This is well known to one and all. And yet, we expect ourselves to be given more “importance” because we belong to a particular profession.

What kind of respect really matters? That which one commands? Or that which one demands?

4 comments to Profession and Respect

  • Good food for thought!! And a question everyone needs to ponder upon in our society today irrespective of gender, profession, class, creed etc... Hierarchies of all sorts prevalent to this day!!!

  • It is the damn mind set.

  • Well said. And your book review was very good! Congratulations :)

  • @Siddhi, @BKChowla: That's the problem - hierarchies. Till we abolish them, growth will never be inlusive


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